Rumer Willis Dishes On ‘Superhero Parents’ Bruce Willis And Demi Moore

Dancing with the Stars helped Rumer Willis discover a new love and a talent for dancing, which is something she might never have discovered without the support of her parents, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The way in which Rumer’s participation in DWTS brought her family together has had long-lasting benefits, and now, as she continues to explore her dancing skills on the stage, Ms. Willis opens up about all she has learned from Bruce and Demi.

Discovering a newfound appreciation for family also helps Rumer step up as an older sister as she spends time with her youngest sibling, Mabel.

Former Dancing With The Stars Champion Rumer Willis Opens Up About Bruce Willis And Demi Moore

Rumer Willis tells People that she’s learning to appreciate the guidance she’s received from parents Bruce Willis and Demi Moore now, more than ever. As Rumer grows older and embraces adulthood in Hollywood, she recognizes that her parents have done more for her than she ever realized. Even small things, like picking up on Bruce’s musical preferences, have helped to mold Ms. Willis into the young woman she is today. Rumer reveals that she has a deep appreciation for jazz, blues, and R&B, which is something she picked up through the years.

While Bruce and Demi are both well-known Hollywood celebrities, they have never pushed their kids into the business, allowing them to explore their own interests. For that, Rumer says she’s very grateful to both Bruce and Ms. Moore.

“I have been very, very blessed with not having stage parents,” says Rumer Willis.

Exploring her interests has led Rumer to her current endeavors as she prepares to set out on her first concert tour, and while she may be nervous about going on the road, Willis says she clings to the words of wisdom Moore had once shared with her. She recalls Demi telling her that the most important thing was for her to always be herself, especially when under the spotlight. Moore, who has spent her own lifetime in the limelight, told Rumer to represent herself in the way that she wants the world to see her.

Rumer also shares that she’s beginning to see Bruce and Demi in a different light, recognizing that they are each their own persons with dreams and fears of their own. Willis says she’s beginning to see Moore and Bruce as something other than parents.

“Because my mom had me when she was 25 and I’m 28 now and just to even imagine myself three years ago starting to have children and be married and have my career, it’s pretty trippy and I’m so proud and kind of in awe of her,” says Rumer.

Bruce Willis Has Made His Own Mark On Rumer’s Life

It's the simple moments.....???????? #overthelovetour

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Demi Moore isn’t the only one earning Rumer’s deep appreciation. Entertainment Tonight reports that Ms. Willis shared a recent picture of herself cuddling up with dad, Bruce, in an Instagram post that proves she’ll always be his little girl. Bruce and Rumer are seen cuddling together in a father-daughter moment. The picture was taken in Fairfield, Connecticut, during one of Rumer’s Over the Love cabaret tour stops.

“It’s the simple moments… #overthelovetour,” Rumer captioned the photo.

Showing her devotion to family and love for her siblings, Rumer also made an Instagram video with her youngest sister, 4-year-old Mabel Willis, who is the daughter of Bruce Willis and his wife, Emma.

“I was never this cool when I was 4. My little sis is my ❤ Mabel I love you so,” wrote Rumer in the video’s caption.

I was never this cool when I was 4. My little sis is my ❤️ Mabel I love you so.

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Details for Rumer Willis’ Over the Love Tour can be found on the official website, including show dates and locations. Ticket packages can be purchased through the site, as well.

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