#GrabYourWallet: #Ivankant Boycott Of Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Results In 25 Percent Of Women Saying They’ll Buy Trump Brand

The hashtag #GrabYourWallet is gathering plenty of attention on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The #GrabYourWallet campaign came into full swing as some shoppers decided to show their lack of support for Ivanka Trump’s undying support for her dad, Donald Trump. In the wake of allegations of sexual assault against Donald, some women and men decided to stop buying Ivanka’s brands and even began to stop shopping at the stores that sell Trump brands.

As seen in the following tweet, hashtags like #GrabYourWallet and #Ivankant are passing around lists of stores that sell the Ivanka brand.

#grabyourwallet #doesntmatterhowcute

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These are some of the stores that folks are avoiding, and instead, they are focusing on the alternative list of outlets listed that don’t include the Trump brand.

As reported by the Age, Shannon Coulter began the #GrabYourWallet and #Ivankant movement after Shannon felt troubled by hearing tapes of Trump talking to Billy Bush about grabbing women by their private parts back in 2005.

Ivanka Trump is continuing to support her father Donald Trump’s presidential campaign following his “locker room talk” and multiple sexual assault allegations, but not without significant backlash. Shoppers are now boycotting her clothing and accessories line, Ivanka Trump Collection, and using the hashtag #grabyourwallet (a reference to her father’s language in the “hot mic” tape) to make their protest known. And they aren’t just refusing to buy her clothes: They’re also declining to shop at retailers that carry the line until her merchandise is pulled from shelves. The movement’s growth could be pinned to Shannon Coulter, a technology and media marketing specialist, who was particularly moved to take action against Ivanka once she continued to support her father following the release of the Access Hollywood tape. “When I heard Donald Trump talking on that tape, I recognized in his words the same feeling that I had that day – of being nothing more than an object,” Coulter told The Guardian, recalling her own history of sexual harassment. “No matter how smart you are or how hard you work, they can do that to us.” Coulter was especially compelled to boycott the line due to the fact that Trump has always positioned it as “for the working woman” and continues to promote it as such. “If Ivanka Trump had distanced herself from the campaign I would not be boycotting her. But something changed for me when that tape was released,” Coulter said. She spearheaded the Twitter hashtag #GrabYourWallet, a play on Donald’s infamous “locker room talk” comment saying he would “grab” women “by the p—y.” The Guardian reports that more than a million people viewed Coulter’s posts, while 50,000 have responded with support and 2,000 have said they will participate. Those already on board are boycotting retailers carrying the line, including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Marshalls and Zappos until merchandise is removed.

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That stress sent Coulter to sites like Nordstrom, but instead of providing Shannon with retail therapy, she discovered the Ivanka brand of clothing, which put her in mind of Trump all over again.

That’s when Coulter decided that she didn’t want to support stores that sold Ivanka’s brand, so she took to Twitter to vent. Shannon found like-minded souls on social media, and that meeting of the minds grew into a boycott of Ivanka products and the stores that sold them.

According to Fortune, fewer than one in four — or less than 25 percent — of women now say they will buy Ivanka’s products. The publication notes that while a majority of women say they won’t buy Ivanka’s products via the survey, it doesn’t mean some people won’t still buy Ivanka’s products in secret.

However, some of Ivanka’s products clearly have her name on them, so it would be somewhat difficult to hide the purchase.

A search via Google Shopping for Ivanka’s products makes it pretty easy to determine the shopping outlets still carrying Ivanka’s line.

According to Google, those retailers include 6pm.com, Baehr Feet, Bloomingdale’s, Bluefly.com, DSW, eBay sellers like Apparelsave and the eBay store Warehouse-deals-net, Jet.com Lord & Taylor, Lyst.com, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, OnlineShoes.com, Rakuten.com – ApparelSave, ShoeMetro, Shoes.com, the Walmart seller Shoe Metro, Zappos.com, and Zukit — at least as of this writing.

Of course, clicking through to the shop link lets buyers know the stores that have recently removed Ivanka’s products versus those who continue to sell Trump’s products.

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According to The Age, Donald had his menswear line dropped by the Macy’s department store and says Trump Hotels has suffered a drop in foot traffic.

Just how far the #GrabYourWallet and #Ivankant boycott will continue to have an effect upon the Trump brands remains to be seen.

trump hotel
Bible in Trump International Hotel in Washington. [Image by Beth J. Harpaz/AP Images]

Bible in Trump International Hotel in Washington.
[Image by Beth J. Harpaz/AP Images][/caption]

Some of the comments that are showing up on social media regarding the #GrabYourWallet and #Ivankant boycott campaign can be read below.

“NYU professor Scott Galloway, on show, says the future for the Trump brand is selling to downscale, red state, rural consumers.”

“Not doing any Christmas shopping at , ,

“Send a message, loud and clear: Money talks, bull**** walks.”

Shop on Ivanka Trump Clothing & accessories, just to prick the ego of intolerant, shrillary, Democrats!!”

“Boycott Trump! Trump hawks D.C. hotel.”

“Why is the Ivanka Trump clothing line boycott growing? You are what you wear.”

“Ivanka Trump products are the fur coats of 2016. Decent people just don’t wear fur. Same is happening with Ivanka.

“Team should play with hashtags like , and expose the intolerance of D-camp.”

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