Guy Sebastian Reveals Embarrassing Drunken Moment, And The One Condition ‘X Factor’ Judges Had For His Return

Guy Sebastian has revealed he had passed out after tequila shots, according to the Daily Mail. The original winner of Australian Idol, who turns 35-years-old today, revealed embarrassing details about his recent night out.

During the game of revelations “Cost of Love” on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules revealed he wasn’t feeling well after heavy drinking, which even resulted in the now 35-year-old passing out on the bathroom floor.

Guy Sebastian added that he was vomiting in the bathroom when he passed out, but it appears that his wife found the whole situation funny. The game is designed to see how well the couple knows each other to raise money for the Sebastian Foundation.

When the hosts asked Guy Sebastian’s wife about the drunkest she has ever seen her husband, the Australian Idol winner knew exactly which story his wife would share.

“Probably the other night. My mate Pat is going away and I’m a little bit of a tequila fan so I indulged a little bit too much!”

Explaining why he got sick, Guy Sebastian said he “definitely” vomited and added that it’s normal, as he needed to get all that tequila out. So he ended up falling asleep hugging the toilet.

“It’s the toilet I take my son to in the middle of the night and I know it’s dark so he probably just p***es everywhere.”

And while Guy Sebastian admits that it wasn’t exactly his “most graceful moment,” his wife Jules knows about the incident, as she said she drunkest she had ever seen her husband was when he fell asleep next to the toilet.

Guy Sebastian also opened up that he is very friendly when he has a little too much of alcohol, and he turns into a very loveable person, declaring his love for people, even those he doesn’t normally love “for good reasons.” It even once got the original Australian Idol winner into an awkward situation.

“My biggest regret is saying ‘I love you’ to this certain person and this person is very cruel to me.”

Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules also revealed that they found this year’s season of The Bachelor highly addictive, and the “Battle Scars” singer said that the show even helped them bond.

Guy Sebastian and Jules have previously indicated that they don’t want to have any more kids. The couple shares two children, four-year-old Harper and two-year-old Archer.

In his recent interview with Channel Seven’s Sunrise, Guy Sebastian revealed that it took X Factor producers several long months to convince him to return as the judge on the show, according to the Daily Mail.

But they had one condition: Guy Sebastian had to trim his beard. And the singer was totally okay with it, even though the producers had thought he would be offended by their request.

“They were like, “Guy, we’re loving the beard, we’re really loving the beard… it’s pulling a lot of focus on camera and we were just wondering if you could…”

But surprisingly for everyone, Guy Sebastian didn’t even let them finish their sentence and said he completely understands what they want him to do.

“I was like, “Mate, I hear you loud and clear. I look scraggly and homeless. I’ll tidy it up for you guys’.”

Despite the fact that it wasn’t that simple for X Factor producers to convince Guy Sebastian to return as the show’s judge, the singer eventually agreed to return as a judge and now he is permanently based in Sydney to film the new season of the show.

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