WWE News: UFC Fighter Challenges Current WWE Champion To Fight After ‘Hell In A Cell’

This weekend’s Hell in a Cell event from WWE is going to be one that might end up going against their PG rating for families. It’s quite possible that one or a few of the cell matches could bring about bloodshed and Sasha Banks believes it might happen during her WWE’s Women Title defense against Charlotte. That being said, UFC fighter Cat Zingano would like to see if “The Boss” would like to try and make things a bit more real.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte are set to meet in a huge match inside the cell on Sunday, and the WWE Women’s Title will be on the line. It will be the first time in history that a women’s match has taken place inside the vicious and brutal Hell in a Cell, which means both women are going to leave nothing out of their arsenal.

It also means that there…well, there might be blood. At least, the current women’s champion Sasha Banks believes that’s possible.

That actually sounds like a bit of a threat or maybe a challenge to Charlotte, but it’s hard to say if WWE would allow there to be blood. Honestly, Vince McMahon has a strict “no intentional blood” rule in the world of today’s WWE, and he likely wouldn’t break the rule for this match either.

After Sasha Banks put that tweet out, though, there were a number of people who ended up taking notice, according to WrestleZone. One of them was UFC fighter Cat Zingano, who has a professional record of 9-2 in MMA, and she decided to throw out a challenge to the current WWE Women’s champion.

Obviously, the “realness” comment is a shot at the scripted nature of WWE and the wrestling organization as a whole. Yes, the results are scripted and known in advance, but the action is real, and the superstars have to be in great shape to perform at their level.

Cat Zingano fights in UFC, which is not scripted at all, and the action is real with no pulling of punches or kicks. Sure, there is a lot more blood in those bouts, but it is always unintentional and just happens the old-fashioned way – naturally.

There have been some crossovers between MMA and WWE in both directions throughout the years, including Ken Shamrock, CM Punk, Steve Blackman, and Brock Lesnar. The main difference there is that they would fight in one company at a time and be a part of that company. Inter-promotional fights simply were not going to happen, except the one-time deal with Lesnar and UFC.

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Sasha Banks has wrestled for a long time, and she has had a number of matches with Charlotte and numerous other competitors. Banks can really be prepared for virtually anything, but she has never had a match like she will at Hell in a Cell, and she told Fox Sports that she prepared for it in a different fashion.

“For me it’s definitely more mental, just knowing the first time I’m going to be thrown into the Cell… I know it’s definitely going to hurt, but I’m hoping my adrenaline kicks in and I push through. Just knowing that we are making history, that’s big enough for me to just keep going… showing the world that we don’t need to be put in a box where women are told that we can’t do it just like the guys. We were given this opportunity for a reason and Charlotte and I are going to prove that we’re meant to be in this match.”

A crossover inter-promotional match between someone in WWE and UFC might never really happen, except in extreme situations. Brock Lesnar having a UFC fight during his WWE contract is one thing because it was a one-off deal, and he used to fight in the octagon. Lesnar was also a legit UFC Heavyweight World Champion. Sasha Banks might never choose to venture into the world of UFC, and it’s hard to imagine that she will ever face off with Cat Zingano unless she joins WWE.

Maybe then, the two women could get “real” in a future Hell in a Cell bout.

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