‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Episode 7 Spoilers: Lady Gaga’s Character Reveals A Major Plot Twist, Who Will Be The Lone Survivor?

American Horror Story Season 6 will air the seventh episode on Wednesday, and Ryan Murphy promises to reveal another huge game-changing twist in the storyline, reports Game N Guide.

The second half of the season of American Horror Story will showcase an entirely different storyline. Showrunner Ryan Murphy teased Episodes 6-9 would spin the story a different way from Episodes 1-5. He added that the last episode of Season 6 would wrap up with a mind-blowing twist while teasing that the finale might be the most twisted episode he’s ever seen.

American Horror Story Episode 6 was titled Return to Roanoke: 3 Days In Hell, featuring the re-enactment actors and actual people that experienced the haunting at the Roanoke farmhouse. It was sure to create fireworks, especially when it comes out that Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (Andre Holland) broke up shortly after they escaped the Butler’s attack.

Ryan Murphy disclosed one secret about the storyline, which is that Matt and Shelby could be lying about the paranormal encounter. Is it possible that it could come out that they lied about the haunting to appear on the reality television series?

“You cannot trust them, ” Ryan explained. “I think all three of them are..what they said and what they explained in their version of the events is not actually the truth.”

“It’s a very energizing twist, and subsequent episodes are even more intense and even more harrowing,” Murphy explains. Apparently, the series showrunner told E! Online that only one person will survive the three days in the Roanoke farmhouse, and American Horror Story fans cannot stop speculating who will survive the terrifying ordeal.

American Horror Story Episode 7 reveals that the cast would continue to deal with the fact that the psycho nurse ghost murdered Rory (Evan Peters) and then his body disappeared. Murphy explains that in Episode 7, more secrets will come out about the main characters Matt, Shelby, and his sister, Lee.

Meanwhile, American Horror Story viewers are anxiously awaiting Lady Gaga’s appearance in the series. Apparently, she will have a unique role as a Scathach, which will be very different from her original role of “the witch lady.” Ryan Murphy implied that Lady Gaga’s role is vital because it will reveal a major twist in the storyline.

American Horror Story spoilers tease that only one person will survive the ordeal. It has the viewers on edge because it looks like Dominic (Coba Gooding, Jr.) could be the next to perish. Another likely casualty is the My Roanoke Nightmare’s producer, Sid (Cheyenne Jackson).

One reason Dominic is speculated to be the next person to die is the storyline hasn’t developed his character, other than stating he is a womanizer. American Horror Story promo hinted that Dominic could be the next victim of the house.

American Horror Story viewers believe that Lady Gaga should pop up in Episode 7 to give the bad news that only one person in the farmhouse will survive. The mere mention that more people could die in the Roanoke farmhouse while they are filing Back to Roanoke: 3 Days Of Hell will send the whole house into panic mode, especially Shelby, Matt, and Lee, who barely escaped death the last time.

Showrunner, Ryan Murphy teased that there could be a reason that Lee, Shelby, and Matt agreed to go back into the house. He implied that they could have made a deal with the Butcher (Kathy Bates) to bring more people to her as a human sacrifice. It could explain how they were able to get away from the Butcher so easily.

American Horror Story fans, do you think Lady Gaga will pop in for Episode 7? Do you believe Matt, Shelby, and Lee had an ulterior motive for going back into the Roanoke farmhouse?


American Horror Story airs Wednesday nights on FX.

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