‘Destiny’ Festival Of The Lost: How To Get Super Dark Shader, Lost Broom Sparrow, And Other Items

The Festival of the Lost event is active in Destiny: Rise of Iron and it comes with more than a few special items for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners. Bungie has added the long-rumored Superblack Shader to the event along with a new Sparrow that might make you think Space Quidditch is a thing, among other items.

Superblack Shader

The Festival of the Lost event begins by talking with Eva Levante in the Tower. She’ll give you a quest that sends you around the Tower to gather candy from Savala, the Cryptarch, and others. Eris Morn being who she is will give you a Tiny Box of Raisins.

You can take these Raisins to The Speaker and trade them plus 25 Motes of Light for Ascendant Raisins. If you still have a Tiny Box of Raisins from last year’s Festival of the Lost, then those were upgraded to Ascendant Raisins with the most recent update.

Giving Ascendant Raisins to Zavala starts a chain of trades to receive the Superblack Shader in Destiny Festival of the Lost.

Now begins another chain of taking items to characters around the Tower.

  • Take the Ascendant Raisins to Zavala for Salted Sweets
  • Take the Salted Sweets to the Cryptach for Winged Chew
  • Take Winged Chew to Amanda Holiday for Splice Drops
  • Take Splice Drops to Cayde-6 for Unchocolate
  • Take Unchocolate to Eris Morn for a Bag of Treats

Open the Bag of Treats and this will give you the Superblack Shader along with a Piece of Celery. Once again, because this is Eris.

The Superblack Shader was spotted in Destiny through data mining efforts long ago during Year One. This is the first time it’s been made available to use in the game.

There’s currently no clue as to what to do with the Piece of Celery. However, it’s probably best to store it in the Vault or on one of your characters and not get rid of it.

Lost Broom Sparrow

This sad robot has lost his broom in Destiny Festival of the Lost for the PS4 and Xbox One.

You may have noticed this sad looking robot attempting to sweep without a broom in the Tower between Eververse and the Postmaster. It is lamenting its lost and very special broom. You don’t quite play the nice guy and retrieve the broom for the robot. Instead, you take it for a joy ride.

Run over to the bar past the Hangar of the Tower and look up on top of the shelves in the back right corner. You’ll see the lost broom up there and you can jump part way up the shelf to grab it for yourself.

The Lost Broom location in Destiny Festival of the Lost for the PS4 and Xbox One.

You’ll now see a Broom Sparrow available in your character’s Sparrow collection. Equip it and you will discover a surprisingly well-handling Sparrow when you take it for a spin through the Plaguelands and elsewhere in Destiny.

However, be aware that the Broom Sparrow will only be available during Festival of the Lost. Bungie Community Manager David “Deej” Dague has already confirmed via Twitter that it will return to its rightful owner once the event ends on November 8.

The Lost Broom Sparrow in Destiny Festival of the Lost for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Sea of Tears Shader

The Sea of Tears Shader for Destiny: Festival of the Lost.

This shader is available as a guaranteed drop when you trade in a Bag of Candy to Eva Levante for a Gifts of the Lost for the first time.

Frame’s Honor Emblem

This cross-broom emblem can be obtained by completing the “Old Wolf, New Tricks” quest given by Tyra Karn in the Iron Temple social area. She’ll give you a Saladin Mask to show an unappreciative Lord Saladin.

Let Tyra know about Saladin’s reaction and she will send you out to kill things with your character’s Solar Abilities and the Flaming Axe while wearing the Saladin Mask. You can pick up a Flaming Axe from Archon’s Forge, a Quarantine Patrol Mission in the Plaguelands, or by using a Siva Cache Key in select caves holding the Axe.

Once all the killing is done, head back to Tyra at the Iron Temple and receive the Frame’s Honor Emblem.

Do the Masker Plan Quest for a free Treasure of the Lost

The Treasure of the Lost contents for Destiny Festival of the Lost 2016.

The Masker Plan quest given by Eva Levante is practically the same quest line as last year’s Destiny Festival of the Lost event. It will ask you to complete various tasks while wearing certain masks that you can buy from Eva with filled Bags of Candy. This includes getting 30 Crucible kills while wearing the Engram Mask, looting Engrams while wearing the Cryptarch Mask, and so on.

Completing this quest line will reward a Treasure of the Lost. These are sold by Eververse and can give Bad Juju Ornaments, other Masks, special Ghost Shells, a special Sparrow, and other items.

Unquiet Spirit and Candlelight Shaders

The Unquiet Spirit and Candlelight Shaders for Destiny: Festival of the Lost 2016 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

The Festival of the Lost in Destiny also has randomly dropped shaders for the holiday event. The Unquiet Spirt can be rewarded at the end of Crucible matches while Candlelight is a random drop when opening a Horde Chest at the end of Strikes using a Skeleton Key.

Midnight Hunt Emblem

This emblem can only be rewarded while playing Trials of Osiris. These events start every Friday at 1 p.m. ET and run through the Weekly Reset the following Tuesday. That gives you two weekends to earn one.

You can see a preview of Midnight Hunt by going to the Emblem Collection Kiosk near Eva Levante.

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