WWE News: Dean Ambrose Robbed Of Chance At WWE World Championship Title

It’s officially over for Dean Ambrose, according to the latest WWE news report. Last night, on SmackDown Live, Dean Ambrose officially lost his shot at going for the WWE World Championship title, leaving many to wonder if he’ll ever get the shot again…or if he’ll ever be the way he was in his prime again.

Rumors about Dean Ambrose’s slipping status in the WWE have been going around for some time, but the latest WWE news report from SkySports suggests that we have James Ellsworth to thank (or blame) for Dean Ambrose’s missed opportunity.

The WWE, who seems bound and determined to make James Ellsworth happen, even if the fans aren’t so sure, had Ellsworth interfering in the fight between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose last night, which was the move that cost Ambrose the title shot. When Ellsworth delivered a Superkick to AJ Styles’ solar plexus, the referee called the match in Styles’ favor by disqualifying Ambrose.

And the sad part is, had Ellsworth not gotten involved in the fight, there was a good chance that Ambrose would have defeated Styles, since Ambrose had thrown Styles completely out of the ring and was going to finish the fight when Ellsworth jumped in the middle, unnecessarily, causing a shocked reaction from the fans in attendance. So, while we’re still not sure why the WWE is so bound and determined to make James Ellsworth become a wrestling superstar, this quest is coming at the expense of Dean Ambrose.

James Ellsworth Dean Ambrose WWE news
James Ellsworth, a rising "superstar" of questionable value to the WWE,cost Dean Ambrose his chance at the World Championship title, according to the latest round of WWE news reports. [Image via WWE]

Meanwhile, according to the latest WWE news report from The Indian Express, Randy Orton’s switch-up on Kane last night have people wondering what’s really going on over here.

Here’s what happened. Bray Wyatt was fighting Kane last night. Everything was looking good for Wyatt, even Luke Harper came into the ring to try to finish off Kane.

Then Randy Orton showed up, and it looked like Kane was going to win the match. After all, Orton and Wyatt have a long-standing rivalry, and Kane and Orton are friends…or, at least they were until Orton RKO’ed Kane.

When asked by the commentator what happened, Orton simply replied with, “if you can’t beat’em, join ’em.” While we’re not sure if that means he’s joining the Wyatts, even if only to take them down one by one, as “The Viper” would do, or if Kane is joining the Wyatts, if only to take down Orton once and for all, but it does mean that this rivalry suddenly got really interesting.

Are the latest WWE news reports about Randy Orton true? [Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

Fortunately for us, Kane was present and accounted for during Talking Smack, and gave us some much-needed insight into the upcoming rivalry, according to Wrestling Inc.’s latest WWE news report. During his appearance, Daniel Bryan mentioned to Kane that Orton can be really dangerous in a fight (he didn’t earn the nickname “The Viper” for nothing), and Kane mentioned that it would be a very “scary” thing for everyone involved in the SmackDown roster if Orton teamed up with Wyatt and Harper.

Kane even went so far as to compare Orton to Triple H, though he was also quick to point out that Triple H has a somewhat different approach to fighting than Orton.

Before he left, Kane told Daniel Bryan that he was “very angry” about the way the fight went down and that it’s a very dangerous thing to provoke him.

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