‘Pokemon Go’ Daily Quests, The Huge Update That Will Add Exciting Variety To The Game

Thanks to a team of data miners at Go Hub, we now know what the next big update to the revolutionary mobile game Pokemon Go is going to be. Daily quests.

There’s no question about it: Pokemon Go has been on the decline as of late as many once-dedicated users stop using the app and, therefore, stop paying for the micro-transactions offered within. If you want some evidence of just how rapidly Pokemon Go has been losing its fire since release, take a look at this Google Trends chart showing how often phrases containing the term “Pokemon Go” have been searched on Google over time.

Pokemon Go Daily Quests Update
Search popularity of "Pokemon Go" over time. [Image by Google Trends]

Those who have abandoned Pokemon Go have been very vocal about their reasons for leaving on Pokemon Go, says WWG. And a common one of those reasons is that Pokemon Go has no goal. It provides virtually no reason for players to continue training once they have filled up the Pokedex.

Well, that is about to change with the addition of daily missions. From the sound of it, these missions will update every day to give Pokemon Go trainers a reason to keep coming back. They will also provide a nice break from the usual boring grind of capturing Pidgeys and Rattatas with no end in sight.

How did we find out about these soon-to-be-implemented daily missions, you may ask? A few talented hackers at a Pokemon Go news site dug into the game’s inner workings using a data mining program called HxD Hex Editor and found the following few lines of code:





For those not fluent in coding lingo, that basically means that these daily quests are already built into Pokemon Go’s code but are not being used yet. It also means that the quests will be split into three different categories.

Two of the three categories can be assumed to mean that players will get extra rewards for their first Pokemon capture each day and the first time they visit any Pokestop each day. These are great incentives for people to pull out their phones and boot up the app. After all, reports Go Hub, Pokemon Go’s ongoing Halloween event has shown people who have stopped using the app are easily persuaded to get into it again by the prospect of just a few extra candies or rare Pokemon.

The other category of quest is called UNKNOWN_TYPE in the code, so it is more difficult to predict what it might be. A good bet, though, is that it will be the slot used by Niantic, Pokemon Go’s developers, to rotate in the quests that change daily. In other words, they may change the UNKNOWN_TYPE portion of the code each day to always provide a quest that users have not seen before.

The next logical question is probably what the rewards for the quests, both the two constant quest types and the daily quests, will be. Unfortunately, the answer is not as evident as it was to the first question. The Pokemon Go data miners did indeed manage to unearth a line of code suggesting egg incubators, which are normally difficult to come by, will be quest rewards. It would be a bit odd if every quest earned the player an incubator and nothing else, so you can probably expect that more quest rewards will be added before the feature is actually activated for Pokemon Go trainers to use.

Again, notes Go Hub, the Pokemon Go code appears to already contain all the assets necessary for Niantic to turn on the feature for all Pokemon Go users at the press of a button. It is only a question of how long they want to wait.

What quests would you envision Niantic putting in Pokemon Go once the update is made?

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