Kim Kardashian’s First Outing In Public A Trailer To Showcase New Nun-Like Persona?

Kim Kardashian’s first outing since her robbery ordeal in Paris revealed that the social media maven has truly taken on a sober and subdued appearance. When Kim Kardashian finally emerged out of her self-imposed lockdown with friend Jonathan Cheban, it wasn’t for a huge gala or any other red-carpet event. It was to get a simple cone of soft serve vanilla, topped with rainbow sprinkles, of course.

Kim Kardashian’s first outing ever since she was held, bound, and gagged at gunpoint while masked men allegedly robbed her of jewelry worth millions of dollars could be her first step toward presenting herself in a totally new and radically different light. On October 24, when Kim came out in public in Los Angeles to satisfy a sweet tooth craving that must have been hankering her, she was dressed in a plain white sweatshirt that was way too big for her along with sandals that almost screamed, “Overhaul coming!”

Kim Kardashian’s First Outing: Subdued Demeanor A Deliberate Suggestion?

The most famous of the Kardashian sisters wasn’t even wearing any makeup except the mandatory lip gloss. But most importantly, her no-frills attitude and out-of-character demeanor was a clear message that she is no longer the Kim Kardashian from just a few weeks ago. TMZ‘s photos reveal that her persona was definitely low key.

Kim Kardashian may have meant for her first public outing to be a trailer of things to come. Her family and friends have all already suggested that she is definitely taking a look at what changes need to be made to her lifestyle, especially her social media presence, in the wake of the robbery trauma.

A report by the Daily Mail has suggested that things are not what they appear and that the whole lockdown and social media blackout affair may be a deliberate ploy to turn the robbery incident into a turning point in her career by bringing in a complete overhaul of Kim Kardashian’s public image.

A source who has been part of the Kardashian family’s inner circle for years has said that efforts might be underway to turn the traumatic event into a positive by using it as a stepping stone for the next phase of Kim’s career.

Time For The KUWTK Star To Overhaul Her Image?

“Her mom said everyone has to renew themselves – look at Madonna. How much longer could what Kim was doing go on for? It’s kind of nearing its peak. So it [the robbery] was perfect timing in the sense that this time away from the spotlight is giving her the chance to really focus on rebranding herself and what that will look like.”

The first outing of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star seems to suggest that the report is spot on. The idea that Kim Kardashian could actually be in the process of taking on a nun-like personality may seem outrageous, but it makes sense from a purely business point of view.


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The reality star who turned 36-years-old this Friday may have identified the need for an image makeover. The family friend made a convincing case for his argument.

“She’ll probably re-emerge a little more subdued – she’s talking about doing less make-up, no more sexy photo shoots, more covered up, doing a lot of charity work. She wants to wear a cross – like as her signature, wearing a cross instead of lots of jewelry.”

Kim Kardashian, The Businesswoman, Taking Over?

The businesswoman in Kim Kardashian could now take over as she emerges gradually from her lockdown, something that is being used as a transition period.

The family friend added that the whole trauma thing is being overplayed to generate sympathy and mold public sentiment. When Kim Kardashian chooses to come out officially, she will be a changed woman and it will be big news. Kim Kardashian’s first outing suddenly seems like a great first move.

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