Jim Marchese Sues Virgin America For Over A Million Dollars Over His April Arrest

Reality star Jim Marchese is not happy and has filed a million dollar lawsuit against Virgin America over an arrest that happened back in April. Jim and his wife Amber, who were previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, got into a fight on an airplane and Jim ended up getting arrested. All About the Tea shared about why Jim is so upset that he is filing a lawsuit over the arrest. The lawsuit is for false imprisonment and defamation.

This lawsuit was filed today, and Jim Marchese says that he is owed over $10 million dollars in damages by Virgin America. While at Los Angeles International Airport, Jim Marchese was removed from a flight and then taken into custody by the police. Jim was accused of domestic violence for allegedly grabbing Amber by the throat and threatening her. Jim Marchese did end up getting arrested and had to pay a $50,000 bond to get out of jail. Of course, the second that Jim was arrested, the news about the reality star broke all over the Internet.

Now it has been confirmed that Jim Marchese will not have charges pressed against him. Amber said that it was all just in play and that he was showing her PDA. Jim actually talked to All About the Tea. He is not happy at all and Jim says that he was never actually charged with a crime. Jim explained that Amber didn’t have any injuries at all and there were no witnesses speaking out.

Jim Marchese’s version of the story is that a flight attendant didn’t like the way that he acted on RHONJ and said something allegedly happened. Jim said that he was simply flirting with his wife, she ordered wine and then he fell asleep. After that, officers woke Jim Marchese up, and he was taken off the flight. He still insists that he is totally innocent and didn’t do anything wrong at all. Jim is not positive that it was this flight attendant that turned him in, but he is pretty sure of it.

Amber Marchese even said that she feels like the police were trying to talk her into saying that Jim did something to her, but Amber says that nothing happened at all. Now Jim and Amber want to get a big paycheck for the accusations against him that day.

If you want to keep up with Jim and Amber Marchese now, they are on the show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. On Friday nights, you can watch them on WEtv try to get through any problems that they are having in their marriage.

People shared a bit about what went down on a recent episode between Amber and Jim. He actually said that he blames Amber for her cancer and blamed it on her lifestyle. Amber went off on Jim and said, “Guess what, you blame me for having cancer because of the lifestyle I chose? You are no different. You drink too much, and I keep telling you that.” Jim even said he was done fighting and jumped into the pool shocking her. It doesn’t look like Amber and Jim Marchese have a perfect marriage, but they are making it through and there hasn’t been anything on the show to make it look like Jim abuses her like the accusation at the airport.

Are you shocked to hear that Jim Marchese is filing a lawsuit against Virgin America over this incident? Do you think that Jim and Amber should get over $10 million? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Amber and Jim Marchese on Friday nights on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

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