Stephen King Calls Donald Trump His ‘Newest Horror Story,’ Bashes Candidate All Over Twitter

Stephen King is definitely not a Donald Trump fan, and the master of horror is also definitely not shy about sharing his feelings of loathing toward the Republican candidate. For months now, King has used his Twitter account to bash Donald Trump all over social media, and he seems to be getting quite a bit of a kick out of using his incomparable way with words to make his lack of love for Trump known.

Stephen King’s feelings about Donald have never seemed to be very positive; indeed, he even included a bit of “Trump hating” in his recent novel, End of Watch. The book is the story of a Mercedes-wielding psychopath who plows into a crowd of job seekers for the thrill of it and then attempts to blow up attendees at a teen pop concert before being thrashed and apprehended. The villain of the Stephen King novel is named Brady Hartsfield, and in the novel, King describes the murderous sociopath as “living like Donald Trump.”

As CBS News reports, when it comes to Donald Trump, Stephen King has been incredibly outspoken about his dislike for the man and his fears of a Trump presidency. Despite being very anti-Trump, though, Stephen King has rarely been one of those celebrities who has tried to instruct or influence the vote. However, this time around he’s not pulling any punches.

“I have to say what I feel, and I’m very concerned about this election because I’m an American. I hate the idea when people come back and say, ‘Well, this celebrity said this, that celebrity said that.’ But at the bottom, we’re all just Americans, and we vote, and we’re citizens and we talk about politics on Twitter the same way that anybody else does. I come from Maine. We have a governor who supports Donald Trump, and I’ve seen the results of that over the years, and I’m just very concerned about the elections.”

Recently, as News Hub reports, Stephen King has taken his “Donald bashing” to a whole new level on Twitter. He’s seriously not holding anything back, and nothing that he has to say about Trump is very flattering. In fact, the man who is arguably the most prolific and successful horror author of his time recently said that his newest horror story is a Donald Trump White House bid. Oh, and that some people are actually supporting the guy’s political ambitions.

Pretty effective terror level for 140 characters. At least, that’s what many of Stephen King’s nearly 2.5 million Twitter followers seem to think. A bunch came out of the woodwork to shout their support for King’s anti-Trump tweet.

Other’s suggested a title for the newest Stephen King horror story.

Of course, not everyone can be a fan of every idea, and a few Trump supporters made sure to blast Mr. King on his own Twitter feed for daring to insult their candidate. At least one took the opportunity to insult Hillary Clinton.

While Stephen King’s new Donald Trump-inspired horror story got a lot of attention, it’s far from the only tweet King’s shot out into the Twitterverse to condemn and criticize Trump. Just the day before, he called out Donald Trump’s “immature” temperament.

On Monday, Stephen King used some decidedly articulate language to call Donald Trump something a little meaner than a 2-year-old.

Stephen King also made some predictions about what Donald Trump would be doing on stage at the final debate.

In addition to calling out Donald Trump, King has set his sights on Trump’s supporters, the voters that could possibly propel the star of Stephen King’s latest nightmarish tale to the White House. Many of whom have taken to calling themselves “deplorables” with a sense of honor and pride.

Not all of Stephen King’s tweets about Trump include language that’s appropriate for reprinting in the media, but here are a few more of Kings thought’s on Donald Trump and his inexplicable bid for the White House.

He even recently shared some of his favorite Donald Trump-inspired campaign art.

Indeed, Mr. King has been tweeting about Donald Trump for pretty much the entire duration of Trump’s campaign. And even though he kind of “Twitter promised” to stop back in December, apparently he hasn’t been able to keep away from his keyboard. Either that, or Stephen King was replaced with a Trump-hating body snatcher after swearing off his Trump tweeting. Wouldn’t that be an epic plot twist?

Oddly, despite frequently using Twitter as his communication method of choice, Trump hasn’t responded directly to King’s tweets or even called him out on Twitter over the public (and highly publicized) bashing that King has been engaged in for over a year. Could it be that Donald is wary of a war of written words with Stephen King?

What do you think? Do you agree with Stephen King? Is the idea of a Donald Trump presidency akin to a best-selling horror novel, or do you think Stephen King has crossed the line? Is it appropriate for a celebrity to use their social media platform to unabashedly and consistently bash a U.S. presidential candidate? What are your thoughts on the issue, and who do you think has it right, Stephen King or Donald Trump?

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