Giants Coach Roberto Kelly Gets Concussion From Line Drive

Giants first base coach Roberto Kelly is suffering from a concussion after taking a line drive to the head in batting practice on Sunday. The drive, hit by Buster Posey, will cause the coach to miss at least two games.

Kelly will likely not coach at first base until Game 3 in St. Louis because doctors have not yet cleared him to fly, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

The first base coach was taken to the hospital after the line drive hit him in the head where he was diagnosed wit ha concussion. He is now at home resting.

Special hitting instructor Joe Lefebvre is replacing Roberto Kelly as first base coach. Lefebvre has previous experience with the job because he was the first base coach for the 2002 pennant-winning Giants team.

This is not the first time that Kelly will miss games for a medical problem as he missed two weeks in June after undergoing an appendectomy.

Yahoo! News notes that team manager Bruce Bochy stated of the incident:

“Roberto will not be on the field. He’s got a concussion. I don’t see him being out there at least these two games, if not longer. He’s at home, he’s resting well [but] he didn’t sleep much last night. He hasn’t come in yet. Dave Groeschner, our trainer, and I were hoping he could come in so they could check him out again.”

While Roberto Kelly rests from his concussion, his team will face the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series where the winner will go on to play in the World Series.