WWE Rumors: Two Former WWE Superstars Returning to Raw And SmackDown?

The latest WWE rumors are swirling about some possible returns to the WWE wrestling ring for two former superstars. One of the stars mentioned in these rumors seems very likely to be appearing on the Raw show on USA Network very soon. The other star, a former heel champion, is part of rumors saying he’ll make a potential return to the SmackDown roster. It seems WWE could use as many popular stars as they can get to draw in more viewers to their televised programs.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sportskeeda discussed rumors that WWE has been reaching out to Wade Barrett to join the SmackDown Live! roster. The former Intercontinental Champion and King of the Ring winner is reportedly just on a “hiatus” from wrestling as he pursues other ventures, including acting. There have also been fans that have met Barrett and mentioned he has indicated to them he’ll make a return to wrestling at some point, according to sources.

Many individuals speculated that Barrett would test the waters in TNA, WWE’s main competitor after he left. However, at this point, it seems that with TNA’s ongoing issues, Barrett would be better suited following his current plans. That would include beefing up his acting resume, if possible, by getting involved in some bigger projects, if possible.

WWE star Wade Barrett coming to Smackdown rumor
Will Wade Barrett be back on SmackDown soon? [Image by WWE]

For his acting career, he’s appeared in three films so far. Arguably his biggest of the movies was a project in 2013 called Dead Man Down which starred Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, and Terrence Howard in the cast. WWE Studios was one of the listed production companies on the project, but the film was considered a box office flop as it made about $18.1 million total and had a budget of $30 million to make. Barrett’s other two roles so far have been in Eliminators and Vengeance, both of which were released in 2016.

The other superstar being mentioned for a return is The Boogeyman. At Cageside Seats, they speculate on the upcoming Halloween edition of Monday Night Raw. The October 31 episode was teased by WWE on their Twitter account. The report speculates Boogeyman will be amongst those who show up, along with Goldberg, who will once again be on hand to promote his match with Brock Lesnar.

The Boogeyman is the popular worm-eating wrestler portrayed by Martin Wright. He’s listed at age 52 and last appeared in WWE for a match in 2015. Boogeyman made a classic return to the ring, getting into the 2015 Royal Rumble and engaging in a stare down situation with fellow creepy man Bray Wyatt. While the spot was fun, it was short-lived as Bray quickly tossed Boogeyman out to eliminate him from the competition. He hasn’t been seen in the WWE ring since then.

However, the good news is that he signed a legends contract in November of 2015, so he can make various appearances with WWE. These are likely to be non-wrestling situations, but Halloween seems like a good time for him to surface and scare up some fun. The Raw Halloween themed show will probably also include divas or other wrestlers in costumes to celebrate the fun dress up holiday in style.

WWE star Boogeyman returning to Raw
WWE star The Boogeyman is rumored to be returning to Raw for Halloween. [Image by WWE]

Of the two superstars mentioned, Barett’s return would clearly be the one to watch. WWE seemed to be teasing big things for him in the past. He gained a good amount of popularity as the leader of the NXT invasion and NEXUS rebellions. Barrett was also involved in a classic storyline in which John Cena was forced to work for NEXUS and had to serve as guest referee for Barrett’s championship matchup against Randy Orton. Cena cost Barrett the title thanks to a disqualification and then was fired from WWE, for a short time.

While Barrett gained popularity there, the creative team faltered with him in more recent times. “Bad News” Barrett was a relatively good gimmick, but as a wrestler, he was once again one of those superstars that seemed to get misplaced in the mid card, rather than pushed. Many fans expected Barrett, a former King of the Ring winner, would eventually capture a major title. He could certainly be inserted into the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture on SmackDown if given the right push. Hopefully, for the sake of fans and Barrett, he makes a return to the ring in the near future and can help out SmackDown Live! roster to be even better than it currently is.

Wrestling fans, based on these rumors are you excited for the return of Boogeyman? Would you like to see him involved in matches on Raw? Also, will Barrett ever return to WWE, and if so, will he ever capture one of the major titles?

[Featured Image by WWE]