Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas Reveals He Has Money, But He’s Hiding It From His Ex

While people wondered how Gilbert Arenas could have nothing to show for the $160 million he made in the NBA, as he publicly claimed he could not continue to pay for his children’s private school because he was poor, fans think he is an even bigger moron.

According to reports, Arenas took video and photos of himself and his kids playing with all the money his ex will never get her hands on. It seems that Arenas didn’t realize that this is gold for his ex Laura Govan and her lawyer to share with the judge and that it is wrong to include your kids in “hiding money from the gold digger.”

Yesterday, Gilbert Arenas was caught on video saying that he will be pulling his four children out of private school because he has run out of money, the Inquisitr reported. Arenas says that his last payment from the Washington Wizards will be on October 31, and after that, he will have to live on approximately $150,000 a year. Twitter blew up with comments suggesting that it was typical for Arenas to make budget cuts that only hurt others and not himself.

While Gilbert Arenas has never been known for his classy behavior, sharing photos of himself and his children surrounded by cash after crying poverty was a new low. Not only is he claiming that he’s strapped for cash, but he’s also celebrating that his ex Laura Govan will no longer have an actual paycheck to come after, reports TMZ.

Arenas has gone as far as to joke that the judge can’t order him to pay anything other than a percentage of his actual income, and as of November 1, his income is zero, and he will technically be living off of the interest from all of his earnings.


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Arenas took photos of cash — lots of cash, literally in stacks — surrounding himself and his four children. He also showed what looks like deposit boxes, one for each child, filled with more bundles of cash. He says that the deposit boxes are “gold digger proof,” referring to their mother right in front of his children. Arenas is standing firm that his children’s tuition will not come out of his big pile of money. Arenas says that if his ex-wife insists her kids should stay in their current school, she’d better start “selling that p***y.”

It’s unclear whether it has dawned on Arenas that he has given an incredible gift to his ex Laura Govan by recording himself and their kids almost literally rolling in money. He has actually said that he is rolling in cash but is hiding it from his baby mama.

On Snapchat, Arenas boasted about outsmarting Govan and the judge.

“Lucky for me child support in cali is based off income made not income (HAVE).”

That post was followed by three smiling emojis laughing so hard they are crying. Arenas also commented that his kids are richer than their mother. It is puzzling to fans why Gilbert Arenas would want to hurt his children by forcing them to change schools if money is no object. Fans are calling him everything from petty to a fool.

“Gilbert Arenas is not funny to me at all. His behavior is disgusting & the fact that he’s encouraging his kids to disrespect their mom? Smh”

Hollywood Gossip is saying that the Arenas-Govan battle “makes the Brangelina split look like a tea party.” They also suggest that the back and forth between Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan would be amusing if it were not for the fact that four kids are involved.

“Yes, that’s Arenas having his kids stack bundles like they’re in the freakin’ Medellin Cartel. And why are these grade-schoolers involved in such a vaguely gangster-y act?”

For the record, Gilbert Arenas is far from broke and has tens of millions of dollar in investments, and paying for private school should be a breeze.

What do you think of Gilbert Arenas involving his kids in sketchy behavior? Do you think Arenas has the capacity to stay classy?

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