Kate Middleton Pregnant? Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Forces Duchess To Have Another Royal Baby

Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third child, claims Game N' Guide. While the duke and duchess are thrilled to be adding another addition to the royal family, this excitement doesn't seem to be the case with Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton.

While the royal baby would be welcomed with open arms at any other time, Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Middleton's supposed pregnancy is conflicting with Pippa's upcoming wedding. In fact, the Duchess' younger sister is allegedly fearful that the birth of this baby will take the spotlight away from her wedding to James Matthews. Game N Guide has reported that the Middleton sisters have apparently been fighting because of the timing of the royal baby.

Kate Middleton being pregnant might not even be as a result of the duke and duchess wanting another child. Sources close to Kensington Palace claim that Queen Elizabeth has forced the couple to conceive another baby, explained Game N Guide. The monarch allegedly wanted the people of England to have something to be excited about, to soften the blow from "Brexit." Her majesty thought that a royal baby would be the perfect thing to brighten up the upcoming holiday season, reported Game N Guide.

Kate Middleton pregnant might cheer up the rest of England, but not her sister, Pippa. An unnamed source close to the royal family told Life & Style that the younger Middleton sister is terribly afraid her wedding won't get the attention and publicity it deserves, reiterated Game N Guide.

"Pippa is worried that Kate's pregnancy will overshadow the nuptials. Pippa desperately wants the focus to be on her rather than her sister's baby bum."
The unknown source, supposedly close to the royal family added that Pippa might, "put off the wedding until Kate has had her baby." The insider then added that the younger sister is, "planning things around Kate."

Kate Middleton pregnant could also be as a result of the duke and duchess wanting to save their marriage, reported Game N Guide. The royal couple has been rumored to be forced to have a third child to solve their issues. In doing so, the duke and the duchess have become convinced that having another baby could be the key to fixing their supposedly crippling marriage, explained Game N Guide.

While fans of the duke and duchess are rejoicing over this wonderful baby news, Kate Middleton's mom, Carole Middleton is allegedly unhappy with her older daughter. The duchess' mother also feels that Kate is overshadowing her younger sister's wedding, with her new baby.

Kate Middleton is pregnant, or is she? Celeb Dirty Laundry believes that the duke and duchess' baby claims might not be entirely true. The online publication argues that that Queen Elizabeth has supposedly been keeping Prince William and Kate Middleton so busy, that the royal couple has barely anytime to see each other, let alone conceive another child.

Another theory Celeb Dirty Laundry offered was that the queen is purposely trying to sabotage any of the duke and duchess attempts at having another baby. On multiple occasions, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been accused of being one of the laziest royal couples, in all of the history of the monarchy.

Kate Middleton pregnant would only give the duke and duchess another excuse to skip out on their royal duties. As a result, Queen Elizabeth is possibly giving Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton so many tasks that the two can avoid having another child. If the royals don't have another baby, that means that they won't need to take time off from their important work. After all, Queen Elizabeth is only getting older and needs all the help she can get.

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