Heather Dubrow Denies She Threatened To Sue Kelly Dodd Over Terry Dubrow Revelation And Responds To Viewer Criticism

Did Heather Dubrow cross the line in how she treated Kelly Dodd in Ireland? For the past few weeks, Heather has received a lot of criticism and fan backlash over her treatment of The Real Housewives of Orange County newbie Kelly. Many people have left comments on social media and blogs accusing Heather of thinking that she’s better than Kelly, being condescending and basically being a “mean girl.” People have also accused Heather of joining Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador in bullying Kelly and even being the ringleader of it all.

On Monday night, as the latest episode aired, Heather responded to the criticism. In response to one viewer who tweeted that Heather lashed out at the wrong person, pointing out that Kelly was just the messenger for what Vicki Gunvalson spilled, Heather didn’t actually disagree. Rather, Heather seemed to take some personal responsibility and accountability for what happened in Ireland. Instead of placing all of the blame on Kelly and Vicki, Heather admitted that they were all wrong for different reasons. She teased that more will come out at the season 11 reunion show.

Some people left comments applauding Heather for seeing that everyone, with the exception of Meghan King Edmonds, behaved poorly during the Ireland trip. Yet there were also those who accused Heather of now changing her tune simply because she realizes that her fans have turned against her.

One viewer pointed out that Heather was previously blaming Kelly for all the drama. According to the viewer, Heather is now just deflecting because of the fan backlash.

Another viewer wrote that Heather is now trying to cover herself.

The viewer added that Heather’s “true colors” showed during the cast’s bus ride to the airport.

Other viewers expressed their disgust with Heather’s behavior during the bus ride. One called Heather the “ultimate mean girl.”

Another said that Heather was the leader of the “mean girls.”

Prior to the latest episode airing, Heather posted a photo of herself and Shannon watching Tamra compete in her fitness competition. Behind Heather and Shannon sat Meghan and Vicki’s daughter, Briana. In her photo caption, Heather congratulated Tamra on winning the competition, a victory that was shown towards the end of Monday night’s episode.


As with Twitter, Heather’s Instagram post was inundated with viewer comments that bashed Heather over her treatment of Kelly in Ireland. People wrote that Heather was a bully and an instigator. People also called her snobby and not as classy as she thinks she is. Viewers even left comments with the hashtag “#getridofheather,” making it clear that they want her gone from the cast.

On Sunday, Heather Dubrow also responded to the speculation that she threatened to sue Kelly Dodd over what she said about her husband, Terry Dubrow, during the bus ride to the airport. After The Real Housewives of Orange County aired, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge appeared on Andy Cohen’s live talk show Watch What Happens Live. During their appearance, Tamra said that Kelly also said something bad about Terry during the bus ride. In a tweet, a viewer wondered why viewers didn’t actually see what Kelly said about Terry. The viewer wondered if it was edited out because Heather threatened to sue.

Heather denied that she has ever threatened to sue.

The latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode showed the end of the cast’s vacation in Ireland. It began by showing the rest of the fight between Kelly and the other women during the cast’s bus ride to the airport. Kelly, who already seemed fed up with Vicki Gunvalson for not defending her and telling Tamra that she had gossiped about her behind her back for months, reached her boiling point when Vicki commented to the other women that she doesn’t like Kelly’s drunken behavior. Apparently having decided to bring Vicki down with her, Kelly spilled that Vicki told her that Shannon’s husband, David Beador, “beat the s**t” out of her. Upon hearing this, Shannon burst into tears. If true, Shannon presumably confided in Vicki about David’s psychical abuse when they were good friends. David’s alleged physical abuse may be the secret that Vicki threatened to publicly reveal a few episodes back.

During the bus ride, Tamra demanded that Kelly reveal what else Vicki has told her. Kelly gave inaudible responses. Tamra, upon hearing whatever it was that Kelly said, screamed at Vicki. “F*** YOU!” Tamra screamed just inches away from Vicki’s face. Tamra later made it clear that Kelly had said that Vicki told her that Tamra’s husband, Eddie Judge, cheated on her and may be gay.

Through all the chaos, Vicki remained calm and maintained her innocence, at least for some of the accusations. She denied to Tamra that she told Kelly that Eddie might by gay.

Meanwhile, Heather, who earlier called Kelly “trash” and said that she felt sorry for Kelly’s daughter, Jolie, continued to voice her disgust at Kelly. Heather accused Kelly of never getting her stories straight. When Kelly told Heather to “shut up,” Heather told her to “shut up” in return.

Heather then went over to Meghan and told her that she’s sorry that her beautiful trip was ruined by “that trash,” meaning Kelly.” “It’s just so mean,” Meghan responded. Not aware that Meghan was actually saying that everyone was being mean, Heather continued to criticize Kelly.

“She’s mean. She’s damaged. She’s got problems. I just feel sad for her.”

When the ladies got off the bus and made their way into the airport, Heather told Shannon and Tamra to not talk to Kelly and to actually pretend as if they don’t know her.

Meghan King Edmonds stuck up for Kelly in her confessional interview.

“Heather’s deflecting her role in this whole debacle. It’s conniving and I see right through it. It’s disappointing.”

In her own confessional interview, Heather blamed Kelly for what happened.

“Should Vicki have given all this negative information to Kelly? No but the fact is Kelly’s the one that’s screaming it to everyone on the bus. I’m so sick of Kelly going after everyone. These are my friends.”

As Heather Dubrow’s tweet about Kelly Dodd suggested, it seems that more will come out about what happened during the group’s bus ride to the airport at the upcoming reunion show. As the Inquisitr reported, the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County filmed the season 11 reunion show last Thursday.

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