Queen’s Brian May Bows Out Of Tour, Escapes To Hideaway To Recuperate

Queen guitarist Brian May has pulled out of his remaining 2016 tour schedule, giving an ambiguous reference to his battle with an unnamed illness as the reason for canceling the scheduled concerts. In making the statement, May might have hoped to ease the concerns of Queen fans, as well as to limit intrusions into his privacy, while he recuperates, but, in declining to reveal even the vaguest of details, Brian has only spurred fears and gossip among the most ardent fans of Queen and of May, himself.

Queen Guitarist May Be Battling Depression And Exhaustion

For now .... Bri X

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Surprising many fans, Brian May has canceled his remaining tour dates and, as People shares, the statement issued by May indicates he might be battling mental illness as opposed to a presumed physical disease or injury. Brian alludes to feeling depressed in his statement and his exact phrasing does support the idea that the hectic touring may have brought on fatigue and anxiety, which has necessitated taking time away from touring.

“I managed to complete the recent Queen and Adam Lambert dates in Asia but I have been increasingly battling with a persistent illness which is destroying my energy and my will,” Brian May wrote in a statement.

May goes on to state that he worked himself too hard for too long, which left him in a “depleted state” and in need of rest. As Brian continues to explain that he’s flying to an unrevealed destination to a “safe place,” it becomes clear that even his closest colleagues and friends may not even be able to reach him. The Queen guitarist also revealed that he would be unavailable through his social media accounts.

“I’ve been battling against a very big black cloud in my personal sphere … which saps enthusiasm and energy and makes you feel everything is pointless,” added the Queen musician.

Brian May Regrets Disappointing Queen Fans

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Billboard leaves little doubt that Brian May is struggling with depression, particularly with his descriptive “very big black cloud” euphemism, so it’s especially surprising to learn that he still worries about letting his fans down. Yet, the Queen guitarist took time in his statement to acknowledge fans and to express just how heartbroken he is over having to cancel the remaining tour dates.

“I’m gutted to have to pull out — I hate letting our loyal fans down,” writes Queen’s Brian May. “But the advice I have had is that I must take time off to heal, rather than go out on tour again and risk falling down on the job, which would be much worse.”

Among the canceled concerts are May’s scheduled appearances for a series of 11 “candlelight concerts” with Broadway star Kerry Ellis. Ticket holders may get full refunds at points of purchase.

Brian last performed live on September 30 in Thailand with Queen and Lambert.

Even though Brian May will be out of touch for awhile, Queen fans still have some new offerings to look forward to in the near future. November 4 will see the release of Queen on Air: The Complete BBC Sessions, a six-disc compilation of live Queen performances and rare interviews.

May also announced that a new studio album will be released in March 2017, titled Anthems II. Brian also shared news that Kerry Ellis will also participate in that album.

While the Queen guitarist may be forced to stop and deal with his personal demons, there are indications that Brian is hopeful and looking forward to returning to the stage in no time at all.

“Thanks so much folks for all your concern and good wishes. I won’t be tweeting for a while, but I will be back!” tweeted Queen guitarist Brian May.

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