Weed World Candies RV Up In Smoke On Delaware Bridge Burning Marijuana Edibles

It seems odd to quote Cheech and Chong in a news story, but an RV loaded with $50k worth of marijuana edibles went up in smoke on the Delaware Memorial Bridge Sunday night. Weed World Candies is out of New York, and the RV with five employees of the company were on a college tour from Washington to Philadelphia says the company CEO, identified as Dr. Dro.

But while edibles are a non-smoking way to have people try marijuana, it's unclear exactly what a consumer is getting with the candies or cookies that contain pot, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. It is possible with edibles to be under-dosing or overdosing yourself, because at this time, there seems to be no standard. It is all about the actual THC content in each edible. Companies like Weed World Candies are trying to spread the word about the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana.

But in what sounds like a movie that might star Seth Rogen, an RV carrying pot-laced edibles caught on fire on the Delaware Memorial Bridge, says the Philadelphia Inquirer. Luckily, none of the employees in the RV were hurt when it caught fire. Dr. Dro said he believes the fire was caused by a mechanical problem.

At about 6 p.m. on Sunday, the Delaware River & Bay Authority says that lanes on the bridge were closed between Delaware and New Jersey due to the fire.

"The blaze closed lanes, clogged traffic, and spewed a plume of thick black smoke from the bridge's northbound lanes as it consumed the Ford RV."


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The fire was reportedly out just after 7 p.m., but traffic was still slow. Dr. Dro explained that Weed World Candies has been in business for fifteen years selling products laced with marijuana.

"We have lollipops, brownies, ice cream, popcorn, an assortment of different edibles."
The Weed World Candies college tour was cut short by the fire, but this isn't the first fire that the company has had. A year ago in Madison, Wisconsin, another Weed World Candies vehicle caught fire at a concert.
"People asked if there was some kind of ritual we do around this time of year where we sacrifice a vehicle. I said, 'Hell no, man!' "
Delaware Online said that the loss of product for World Weed Candies might be more like $120k, and obviously the RV is a total loss. The company was headed to Philadelphia. Dr. Dro explains that the RV had left the Washington, D.C. area and was heading north to Philadelphia.
"The RV involved in Sunday's fire had just finished at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and was headed to visit Temple University, Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania."
The truck was filled with 19 varieties of lollipops, as well as marijuana-laced rice crispy treats, brownies, ice cream and popcorn. Dro says that the company uses hemp-based products in states where marijuana is not legal.

"We're just trying to get the message out without going to jail. People love us."

James Salmon from The Delaware River and Bay Authority confirmed that the fire was caused by a mechanical problem, and that no one was injured in the fire, but there was some damage to the bridge.
"The bridge deck will likely need to be resurfaced."
Dr. Dro says that college kids up north shouldn't worry, because the company is loading up another RV to finish the tour.

Did you know about the Weed World Candies college tour?

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