Selena Gomez ‘Blames’ Justin Bieber & Sofia Richie For ‘Meltdown,’ Ed Sheeran Wants To Help?

Selena Gomez has soared on the music charts with her velvety vocals, but when it comes to her personal life, it has been more of a rocky road than a smooth ride to finding happiness. Soon after she announced that she was canceling her “Revival Tour” to cope with anxiety and depression linked to lupus, speculation swirled about other possible causes. Now several new reports are linking her problems to her former boyfriend Justin Bieber and his romance with Sofia Richie.

Justin and Sofia quickly took their friendship to a new level, with photos of Richie canoodling with Bieber in newspapers and magazines as well as social media. The sight of Justin so happy with Sofia caused his former girlfriend’s breakdown, according to Life & Style.

A lucky young fan gets greeted by Justin Bieber as Selena Gomez observes.
A lucky young fan gets greeted by Justin Bieber as Selena Gomez observes. [Image by Jason Redmond/AP Images]

Describing 2016 as “one of the worst years of her life,” the “Kill ‘Em with Kindness” singer is feeling “backed into a corner” by Bieber, sources told Life & Style. Although Gomez canceled her “Revival World Tour” to focus on her health, the emotional toll of seeing Justin looking joyful with Richie led to some of her problems, revealed one of the sources.

“It was really hard for her. She saw Justin looking so happy and that really sent her into a downward spiral.”

However, one of her friends revealed to Life & Style that despite being hurt by Bieber, the 24-year-old pop princess is focused on getting “on track” once again, and she’s also not hiding her feelings or trying to avoid caring for her health.

“She wants everyone to know where she’s coming from and how she feels,” emphasized the friend. “She knows she needs to take care of herself.”

In addition, a source told In Touch that Selena “had a meltdown” when she learned the details of Justin and Sofia’s romance. The media outlet reported that it’s her “unhealthy relationship” with Bieber that caused her to cancel her “Revival Tour,” while also clarifying that her struggles with lupus as well as “constant partying” play roles in her issues.

Although Justin, 22, attempted to steer clear of his former girlfriend and focus on Sofia, that caused more problems, according to the insider.

“The more he ignored her, the more she freaked out.”

With Gomez now in rehab, is it possible that Bieber will let go of the past and visit her, or is Richie trying to get back together with Justin and get the “Sorry” singer to focus on her again?

Sofia is busy “loving life” and isn’t obsessing about Justin, according to Hollywood Life, which described a recent scene in which Richie and pal Paris Hilton were questioned by paparazzi at a West Hollywood restaurant.

After Sofia refused to respond to the questions, Paris took over the task of clarifying her relationship status, smoothly avoiding any mention of Bieber.

“She’s a beautiful, young teenager who’s single and loving life,” summed up Hilton. “She doesn’t give a f**k about any guys.”

Although this scene seems to hint that Justin is single and free to return to his former girlfriend, another report indicates that Selena may have already found a new romance herself, with rumors that Ed Sheeran had visited her in rehab.

Ed and Selena have a mutual friend in Taylor Swift, and it’s Taylor who may have hooked up Sheeran with her best friend, according to EnStars.

A romance between Ed and Selena has not been confirmed yet, but there is speculation that they’ve already gone from sharing a friendship with Swift to dating. In addition, Sheeran reportedly visited Gomez at the treatment center where she is currently residing, helping to boost her spirits.

Did Ed Sheeran recently visit Selena Gomez in rehab?
Did Ed Sheeran recently visit Selena Gomez in rehab? [Image by Eric Jamison/Invision/AP Images, File]

This isn’t the first time that Taylor’s two close friends have been linked as a possible dating duo. Last year, Ed and the “Kill ‘Em with Kindness” singer were spotted together as a couple, enjoying a night on the town, according to E! News.

It was an evening that could have resulted in an awkward encounter because Bieber was seen at the same hot spot in West Hollywood as his former girlfriend. Justin wasn’t seen interacting with her, however, while Sheeran served as Selena’s escort.

Gomez arrived and left with Ed, and Sheeran also had enjoyed dining with her earlier that evening at the Sunset Towel Hotel. Adding to the intrigue, when Bieber tweeted shout-outs to those he had encountered, he included Ed but left out his former girlfriend.

“Good times last night @theweeknd @edsheeran @codysimpson Hey @ToriKelly do u ever miss a note??” posted Justin.

Does that mean Bieber approves of a possible romance between his ex and Sheeran, or was he hinting that he observed and didn’t care? And have Ed and Selena secretly been dating all this time, or was Sheeran just visiting her in rehab to help lift her spirits as a long-time friend? What do you think? Post your comments below.

[Featured Image by Jason Redmond/AP Images]