Duggar Family News: Jessa Addresses Talk That She’s Having Twins, ‘Counting On’ Teases Special Guest

This season of the Duggar family’s reality series, Counting On, has already featured a lot of footage from previous episodes of their TLC shows, and this week fans are going to take another trip down memory lane. However, TLC has a trick up its sleeve to get viewers to tune in for Tuesday night’s clip show — the network teasing the appearance of a special guest.

As the Duggar Family Blog reports, the October 25 “After Show” will take a look back at some of the Duggars’ most memorable moments during this season of Counting On. A few members of the family met up with producer/cinematographer Scott Enlow in Tennessee, and he asked them to share their thoughts about some highlights from the show. In a video teaser for the episode, Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, talk about the cute way they decided to announce Jessa’s second pregnancy to her family.

Jessa Duggar Not Pregnant With Twins
Jessa Duggar's pregnancy announcement confuses some Duggar family fans [Image by TLC]

As Jessa and Ben recount, they enlisted the help of family photographer Jinger Duggar to take “a very special family photo.” In the picture, the couple is holding a chalkboard that reads “Doubling the Love” while little Spurgeon clings to Jessa’s leg. The couple had the photo framed and presented it to Jessa’s family at an ice cream social that was filmed for last week’s episode of Counting On.

According to Jessa, the wording on the chalkboard confused some Counting On fans — they thought that “Doubling the Love” meant that Jessa and Ben were expecting twins.

“People have asked me that. ‘You’re having twins!'” Jessa says in the teaser video. “That’s not what it means. It means doubling — like, we already have one, and now it’s two.”

Duggar Family To Be Joined By Special Guest Tomorrow
The Duggar family talks about Season 2 of 'Counting On' during clip show [Image by TLC]

As E! News reports, Jessa Duggar teased that she was possibly pregnant with twins last April when she was expecting her first child. However, Duggar family fans eventually learned that this wasn’t the case when her very bloody birth was filmed for an episode of Counting On. It looks like Jessa isn’t using the twins tease as a way to generate interest in her pregnancy (and her family’s reality show) this time around.

According to TV Guide’s description of tomorrow night’s episode of Counting On, the Duggar family will be joined by a “surprise guest” at some point during their sit-down with Scott Enlow. The guest may simply turn out to be Jinger Duggar’s fiance, Texas preacher Jeremy Vuolo, but it’s also possible that the person joining the Duggars is someone who has not appeared with the family on this season of Counting On. Earlier this month, the Inquisitr reported on rumors that the Duggars’ “rebel” cousin Amy has been filming her own TLC reality show or special, so perhaps she’ll make an appearance to promote the project.

In an October 19 Instagram post, Amy Duggar revealed that she and her husband, Dillon King, recently did a photo shoot with People magazine. This is where the Duggars usually go to break all their big news, so it’s possible that the magazine will soon feature a piece about the couple’s new television endeavor.


Many Duggar family fans likely assume that the Counting On “After Show” episode is the series’ Season 2 finale, but the Duggar Family Blog reports that this isn’t the case.

“Will this be the season finale? Nope! The network still has more footage to share. (Stay tuned for more info.),” a post on the blog reads.

Are you interested in seeing more of the Duggar family on TV, or are you tired of TLC dedicating so much of the network’s programming schedule to the controversial clan? Share your thoughts below.

[Featured Image by TLC]