Jessica Mauboy Moves In With Her Boyfriend After Seven Years Of Dating, And Why She Was Nervous About ‘The Secret Daughter’

Jessica Mauboy has finally moved in with her longtime boyfriend after seven years of dating, according to the Daily Telegraph. And apparently, the 27-year-old singer still can’t wrap her head around it.

It took Jessica Mauboy and her boyfriend, Themeli Magripilis, a whopping seven years to move in together. And the singer admits that she still cannot believe it has actually happened, as she had never thought something like that was possible with her lifestyle.

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In her interview on Nova’s radio show, the runner-up on 2006’s Australian Idol admitted that it doesn’t feel real for her.

Jessica Mauboy had always thought that her lifestyle, the constant traveling as well as the entrainment industry putting her under the spotlight would never allow her to live with her loved one under the same roof.

But Jessica Mauboy reveals that her boyfriend finally relocated from Darwin to Sydney to live with the Australian Idol runner-up.

“It doesn’t feel real, to be honest. It has been seven years.”

Jessica Mauboy admits that she is happy that she and her partner are now having an “equal partnership” and that he is finally physically with her. The singer and Magripilis have been dating since high school in Darwin, where they both grew up.

But Jessica Mauboy’s singing career skyrocketed after participating on Australian Idol in 2006, so she had to eventually move to Sydney. In fact, the singer has recently purchased a new house in the inner east of Sydney.

Jessica Mauboy also revealed that she “got butterflies” the first time she realized she is actually living with her longtime boyfriend now. The pop star said she was cooking some mince, but then she stopped cooking and looked at her boyfriend, who was on the couch watching TV.

“I got butterflies like seeing that person you love for the first time; it was like that feeling.”

Then, Jessica Mauboy couldn’t help but watch her boyfriend for a while, walked toward him and stopped. It was “a little girl moment” for her.

“It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you are actually here, and you are not leaving tomorrow or the next day or the next day’ and we are making this work. So I got a little bit emotional.”

Jessica Mauboy has previously admitted that Magripilis has been very supportive of her singing career over the years. The singer-turned-actress is starring in a new Australian TV drama called The Secret Daughter, which premiered on Channel Seven earlier this month.

Jessica Mauboy shared she was very excited about this new journey for both herself and her boyfriend because now they get to experience what it’s like living under the same roof together.

“I am looking forward to sharing those moments and allowing him to explore Sydney… a little bit more.”

In fact, Jessica Mauboy revealed that when she was offered the chance to star in The Secret Daughter, she wondered if she was doing “the right thing” for her community and if she was representing Indigenous Australians well enough, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

In the interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the singer-turned-actress, whose mother is an Indigenous Australian and whose father is of Indonesian descent, knew she had to take the role. But Jessica Mauboy said she had to prepare herself for the role by watching ABC and SBS.

“To be blunt, I never got to see Indigenous faces on commercial TV. I had to watch ABC or SBS.”

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In the new Channel Seven series, Jessica Mauboy plays a country pub singer named Billie Carter, whose life goes through significant changes after meeting a prominent hotelier. The singer also admitted that it was fun exploring a different side of herself by starring in the series.

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