‘This Is Us’ Shocker Coming: What Happened To Milo Ventimiglia’s Character Jack? [Spoilers]

Fans of the new hit drama This is Us fell in love during the very first episode with couple Rebecca and Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia. Viewers would come to discover in the second episode that Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, is not married to Milo, better known as Jack, anymore. What could have happened to rip this seemingly perfect couple apart? While the show continues to soar between the past and present, the question remains, what happened to Jack? Milo’s character has not been discussed or seen in the present day yet, and it is leaving fans extremely curious and very anxious to discover Milo’s fate.

Everyone has guesses about Jack’s disappearance from the present day lives of his family. Entertainment Tonight shared possible theories about the fate of Ventimiglia’s character. The theories about Milo’s present day character range from death to abandoning his family. In a few references during the aired episodes so far, the children seem to either mention Jack in past tense or not at all. It seems that they possibly have issues with their father if indeed Milo’s character is still alive.

In episode 2, fans learned that Rebecca is now married to Jack’s best friend from the 1980’s, Miguel. In a scene from the past, Miguel is seen telling Jack he does not know how lucky he is to be married to someone as wonderful as Rebecca. Milo’s character was having a rough time after the triplets were brought home and Jack was also drinking a lot. Perhaps alcoholism ruined his perfect family? One thing is certain, Rebecca will always have a place for Jack in her heart as she still wears the necklace he gave her years before, even though she has now apparently found love with someone else.

Other theories suggest that if Jack did indeed die that he had cancer, which some believe would explain why Rebecca told William he would put fighting the disease above everything else in his life. Some believe Milo’s character is indeed alive and he and his now ex-wife simply divorced. Could Miguel have been part of that reason? The answer is coming soon!

Fans may not have much longer to guess about Milo’s fate as Jack. TV Guide shared that the wait is almost over to find out what exactly happened to end Jack and Rebecca’s marriage. The revelation will come from a shocking source. Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, will ultimately get Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, to share a family secret she has been keeping from him. Toby questions Kate when he discovers her acting strangely. Kate’s secret will reveal why Milo and Mandy are no longer together as Jack and Rebecca. Whatever the big secret is will ultimately change the relationship between Kate and Toby as well.

Aside from finding out what happened to Milo’s character, fans will discover how Kate and Kevin were conceived, why Miguel was there in the past and how all of this ties to the family’s love of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ultimately it is being advised that fans have tissues ready for this week’s episode 5. Mandy Moore shared with E! News that she and Milo both cried watching the upcoming episode play back. Moore says, “I feel like the fifth episode is going to destroy people.” That sounds like heartbreak is on the way as fans discover what ripped Milo and Mandy’s characters apart on the show.

International Business Times also shared spoilers for the upcoming episode of This is Us titled The Game Plan. In Episode 5, fans will see Milo and Mandy before they were pregnant with the triplets. Jack and Rebecca will be arguing over having kids at all. Milo’s character appears to want them and Mandy is not so sure. Viewers will also discover why the Pittsburgh Steelers are so important to this family. Aside from learning more about Ventimiglia’s character, it is stated that Randall, played by Sterling K. Brown, will encounter unexpected issues. It is possible this dilemma has something to do with Randall’s biological father, William.

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It sounds like this week’s episode is one fans do not want to miss. One of the most intriguing twists and turns is finally about to come to light. The wait is finally almost over to find out what really happened to Jack. In the meantime, to learn more about what Milo Ventimiglia has been up to outside of This is Us check out this previous report by The Inquisitr. Don’t miss Tuesday’s all new episode of This is Us on NBC.

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