WWE News: Three Former WWE Superstars Potentially Set For Returns Over Next Few Months

During a first quarter earnings report conference call in May, Vince McMahon proclaimed that 2016 would eventually boast the biggest roster in the history of the WWE. Keep in mind, the proclamation came in advance of WWE’s decision to resuscitate the brand extension concept, but also before several marquee names returning from injury such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Bray Wyatt.

During that conference call with WWE shareholders, Vince credited NXT for being the catalyst behind the company’s decision to move forward with the brand split. The developmental brand saw seven of their stars promoted to the main roster at the draft, with Bayley making the jump shortly after that. But the WWE was also looking for experienced wrestlers to come in to help balance out all the younger talent and help get them over as well.

While the likes of Rhyno, Jinder Mahal, Curt Hawkins and Shelton Benjamin signed on almost immediately, WWE officials were hopeful for much more, especially when a physical revealed that Benjamin would need shoulder surgery before being cleared to come back. We’ve witnessed the returns of the Headbangers and two members of the Spirit Squad, but apparent low-ball offers have prevented Carlito, Tommy Dreamer and MVP from one more run.

John Morrison continues to be high on Vince’s list, but he won’t be able to wrestle for the WWE until his contractual commitments run out with Lucha Underground. As such, WWE officials continue to pursue former stars so they’re not solely relying on NXT standouts as it would deplete that brand’s roster.

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It’s only been two months, but at least one half of the Dudley Boyz is already teasing the idea of returning to the WWE. WrestleZone has been chronicling Bubba Ray’s recent social media activity which has included a tweet that read, “Remember the Alamo.” This, of course, would be about a possible appearance at the 2017 Royal Rumble which takes place inside the Alamodome in San Antonio.

It’s also believed that if Bubba Ray does come back for another run with the WWE, it would be with his heel Bully Ray gimmick that was one of the most over acts in wrestling while he was employed by TNA. D-Von, meanwhile, has already returned, but in a non-wrestling capacity. Last week, JBL posted the photo below of D-Von producing RAW alongside another former WWE superstar, Billy Kidman.

Another Twitter post has the Internet buzzing from a source that few would expect, at least this soon. Adam Rose, who has been wrestling as Aldo Rose on the independent scene, did not have the best year in 2016. Rose was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy for the second time, got arrested for domestic violence and was subsequently fired from WWE. But as you can see from a recent tweet as covered by Comicbook.com, those fences may appear to be mended.

It should be noted that Rose returning to the WWE is purely speculative, and nothing has been substantiated, but a tweet with a WWE hashtag and his character’s name from the WWE shouldn’t be ignored entirely either.

Lastly, a third former WWE superstar has emerged as a candidate for a potential return and one who hasn’t wrestled full-time for the WWE as recently as Rose or Bubba Ray. According to What Culture, the Boogeyman has been turning down offers from independent promotions due to what the promoters believe is because he’ll be making his return to the WWE rather soon.

Some have said that the mysterious character will reappear in December, some have said January, but there have been recent reports floating around that the WWE is interested in bringing in unique characters for next Monday’s RAW which happens to fall on Halloween. Who better than the Boogeyman to show up on the October 31 episode? The Boogeyman has appeared on various shows on the WWE Network and did compete in the 2015 Royal Rumble.

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