Horror Movies Released In 2016: Halloween Films You Can’t Live Without, Including ‘Ouiji: Origin of Evil’

So far, there have been several horror movies released in 2016. Movie Insider indicates that there’s even more to come. Will any of these titles end up being Halloween films you can’t live without? At this point, there’s no guarantee, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t check them out. Here are a few possibilities to consider.

The Conjuring 2

Rotten Tomatoes gives The Conjuring 2 an audience score of 82 percent, which is a fairly decent recommendation. Watching the film, you’ll once again be introduced to paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles, this time traveling to London to help a mother with four children. She and her family live in a house haunted by malicious spirits.

When it comes to reviews, many people loved the sequel and thought it was better than the first installment. Apparently, it’s more action-packed and features more hair-raising moments.

If you love Vera Farmiga in Bates Motel, you really don’t want to miss her in this perfect-for-Halloween flick. Although her life is in danger, rest assured that she won’t be harmed by Norman in any way.

Ouiji: Origin of Evil

According to the movie’s official website, Ouiji: Fortune of Evil is a film that reminds you that Ouiji is never just a game. In this horror movie, the year is 1965. The location is Los Angeles, California. You’ll meet a widowed mother and her two daughters, who earn a living holding séances. The problem with this scenario is that it’s a scam.

But, one day everything changes. Somehow, the family unknowingly lets evil into their home. That’s when the youngest of the two girls gets possessed by an evil spirit. Her mother and sister do all they can to save her and send the spirit back to the other side.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Much like The Conjuring 2, the Rotten Tomatoes audience score for 10 Cloverfield Lane isn’t that bad. It comes in at 79 percent. Starring John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, this Halloween-related thriller is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Michelle is a young woman who wakes up to find herself locked in a cellar, after a terrible accident. She meets a man who supposedly saved her life and tries to convince her that leaving is impossible, due to an impending apocalyptic catastrophe. Although she really doesn’t know what to believe, she soon discovers that she needs to escape. Her life depends on it!

If you’ve never seen John Goodman play the role of a bad guy, you’re probably in for a treat. One thing is certain, he never acted this way on the set of Roseanne.

There you have it. Three horror movies released in 2016 that you can’t live without, especially when Halloween rolls around. There’s nothing scarier than turning off the lights and binge-watching them. Whether you tune in by yourself or with the one you love, it’ll definitely be a spooky night to remember.

How many of these films have you already watched? Which one scared the living daylights out of you? Feel free to confess your fears below. There’s just one more thing…don’t forget to lock the door!

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