New ‘Fallout 4’ Nexus Mods For Weapons And Improved Immsersive Facial Expressions

Recent Fallout 4 mods were released via Nexus Mods that provide improved weapons and facial expressions for your characters. A few modders posted videos of their creations, one of them included new holstered weapons. There’s also the improvement of facial expressions that allowed for better immersive experiences.

Kiparis Fallout 4 Weapon

YouTuber Millenia had taken up weapon modding and created the OTs-02 Kiparis sub-machine gun. The origin of the gun is that the weapon design originated in Russia in 1972, but didn’t go into production until 1991. The gun of the real world is 9 mm, but seeing how such a caliber doesn’t exist in the wasteland, the.38 wound up being the designated round for this Fallout 4 weapon mod.

A 10 mm conversion for the Kiparis can be made for the purpose of increased damage. The creation of this mod and its.38 initial feature is great for getting rid of unwanted ammo. There are also receiver and magazine options for better optimization. There are also reflex and laser sights as well as a suppressor mod.

This Fallout 4 Kiparis mod can be found in containers around the wasteland as well as vendors. With this mod also comes new sounds and reloading animations as well as new scripts for custom shooting. It’s available at Nexus Mods.


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Fallout 4 Varmint Rifle

This little number was a part of the Fallout: New Vegas game. So apparently modder Asxas brought the weapon back to the sequel and YouTuber FappaR gave its visual presentation. The video shows it in action and according to its stats from the New Vegas game, it’s a good long range weapon, but yields low damage and a Vault 111 dweller may be best suited to manually aim as opposed to using the VATS system.

Enemies drop these weapons and vendors also do have them. They can be customized and the most used component for this creation is blue tape from the wasteland. The mod is available for PC at Nexus Mods and the Xbox console via the Bethesda site.

“Note: The animations will look a bit wonky in 3rd person view since this gun does only include 1st person animations. You just got to live with that, I won’t be making any 3rd person animations.”

Weapon Holster Mods

Modder Azarkiowa created mods so wastelanders can holster their weapons, both on male and female characters. The characteristics is as follows:

  • 10 mm hip
  • 10 mm thigh
  • Holstered rifle
  • Holstered shotgun
  • Holstered shotgun and rifle
  • Shotgun and rifle backpack (9 variations)

This mod can be crafted at the chemistry workstation and found at the Commonwealth Weaponry in Diamond City. They all provide an armor bonus and backpacks give a plus 30 to the carrying weight. The PC version is found at Nexus Mods and the Xbox One at Bethesda.

Immersive Facial Expression Mods

To avoid the more cartoon-like facial expressions of the more realistic wasteland, here comes I550050’s Natural Expression Fix.

“Can’t stand ugly cartoon expressions? Here you have a choice to make your character and NPCs get natural expressions. Reduce the face deformation degree.”

Of course last year there was introduced to the Fallout 4 mod community that came out with a piece that exaggerated facial expressions of the characters. It was considered immersive as well as the creators AronaxAE and FancyPants gave designated expressions and had touted them as “lore friendly.”

“This mod changes quite a few things. While wandering the wasteland, I always wonder why every NPC looks so plain and shallow all the time, there are no realistic facial animations to situations that happen in game, and even when there is, it’s not enough to make the player feel anything towards the character in a lot of places, this mod aims to change that. There are three different versions of this mod available that do the same job, but on different levels.”

These Fallout 4 mods are always fun to create or just use while exploring the Commonwealth and the creativity of modders knows no bounds.

[Featured Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]