Emma Watson Confronted By ‘Creepy’ Stalker In The Woods

Emma Watson was recently confronted by a creepy stalker while filming her latest movie Noah in Long Island, according to the Daily Mail. The actress, who portrays Ila in writer-director Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic, was caught completely off guard by the guy, causing her to scream in response. Given the Perks of Being a Wallflower star’s history with the suspect, it’s easy to understand why she was so freaked out.

While filming some scenes for Noah in the wooded areas surrounding Oyster Bay, Long Island, Emma Watson was reportedly approached by a guy who somehow managed to sneak onto the set of the upcoming motion picture. Naturally, the actress was a wee bit startled by the appearance of a stranger in the woods, though her horror would grow exponentially when she realized it was the same guy who had been hanging around her house as of late.

Although the individual attempted to flee the scene, security managed to get their mitts on the stalker before he got away. While he was warned about the consequences of trespassing on private property, the guy was not arrested by area police.

A source close to the incident explained the entire situation to the Mirror:

“The man managed to slip on to the set with some visitors and then approached her. She recognised him from hanging around outside her house and screamed. He took off into the woods and was chased by security and a couple of the tough stunt guys who also happen to be martial arts fighters. They caught up with him in the woods. Police were called and he was removed. It was really creepy. Emma was really shaken up and was given some time to compose herself.”

Emma Watson, who has had previous run-ins with stalkers thanks to the popularity of the Harry Potter films, may have been creeped out by the stranger’s sudden appearance in the woods, but at least she walked away from the experience unharmed.