Scottie Pippen And Larsa Pippen Divorce: Cops Called Them Twice Due To Domestic Disturbances Before Split

Scottie Pippen and wife Larsa’s divorce just turned ugly. According to TMZ Sports, cops called Scottie’s home twice within the past three weeks for domestic disturbances.

Larsa Pippen reportedly called t Ft. Lauderdale PD on October 2 to inform them that she was involved in a “heated verbal argument” with her husband Scottie. She emphasized, however, that the confrontation “never got physical.”

When the cops arrived, they saw Mrs. Pippen waiting for them in the car. And then the Bulls legend reportedly called out to Larsa asking her to come back inside the house, even offering to leave if that would make her more comfortable.

Despite Pippen’s efforts to placate his wife, Larsa decided to leave the house. No arrests were made.

That wasn’t the end of it.

In just two days, the cops were once again called to the home for domestic disturbance. No definitive details were given, but it was established again that no arrests were made.

On October 18, two weeks after the “domestic disturbance” report, Scottie Pippen filed for divorce from his wife, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Larsa Pippen issued an official statement via a representative to confirm the divorce and to state that she and Scottie are determined to do what’s best for their four children.

“After careful consideration and 19 years together, Larsa and Scottie have each filed for dissolution of their marriage. Although they are no longer to be married, Larsa remains hopeful that she and Scottie will always do what is best for their 4 beautiful children and jointly raise them with love and respect. She would like to thank everyone for their understanding and kindly ask for privacy from the media during this difficult time of transition for her family.”

Pippen’s divorce attorney, Roberta G. Stanley, told the Tribune Friday, “This is a really difficult time for Mr. Pippen, and we’re asking the press respect his privacy and the privacy of his children during the dissolution of marriage proceedings.”

Scottie and Larsa Pippen have four kids, namely Scottie Jr., Justin, Sophia, and Preston.

Judging by Scottie and Larsa’s social media activity in the past couple of months, it appeared as if everything was going well between the two. Last September, the couple, along with their four kids, attended a New York Fashion event to support their 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, who modeled for the show. Scottie and Larsa were spotted wearing their wedding rings during the event.

And just a few days ago, Mrs. Pippen posted an Instagram photo of herself and the Pippen kids, using the hashtag #teampippen.

Scottie Pippen and wife Larsa looked the part of a perfectly happy couple in an Instagram photo shared by the latter just nearly two months ago.

“Love is in the air,” Mrs. Pippen wrote.

Three months ago, Scottie took to Facebook to send his wife a special anniversary message.

“Happy anniversary baby! Loved you from day one,” Scottie wrote.

There have been rumors saying that Scottie filed for divorce because of his suspicions that Larsa is romantically involved with rapper Fortune. Fortune denied the rumors, saying that he has never been interested in dating a married woman.

Another version claims that Mrs. Pippen has recently felt “disconnected” from her husband because of his frequent business travels abroad.

Scottie Pippen, 51, and the then-Larsa Younan, 42, got married in 1997 and became one of the country’s celebrated couples. Pippen had already achieved legendary status as an NBA player after winning six rings with the Chicago Bulls in the 90s. Larsa Pippen, on the other hand, became a reality TV star when she was cast in the first season of The Real Housewives of Miami in 2011. Larsa, who is one of Kim Kardashian’s best friends, also made numerous appearances in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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