Selena Gomez Is 'Miserable' And Ready To Quit Treatment, Or Making Progress?

Selena Gomez is either miserable as she treats symptoms of Lupus in rehab or making progress to recovery.

After checking into a rehab facility weeks ago, the 24-year-old singer has faced rumors of misery and drug use but now, a source claims Selena Gomez may be doing well in rehab and heading towards future happiness.

"[Selena Gomez] has been making incredible progress," a source close to the situation revealed to Life & Style magazine, via a report by Hollywood Life on October 19.

Not only is Selena Gomez "eating healthier," she's also phone-free after the facility "took her phone away and she's been learning coping strategies to deal with destructive behaviors." In addition, the source continued, Selena Gomez is "exercising, meditating and reading a lot" while "staying out of the spotlight and learning to focus on herself."

Selena Gomez told fans in August that her decision to cancel her "Revival World Tour" was made due to issues of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, but many believe there is more to the story. In fact, in September, Radar Online claimed Selena Gomez has been deeply impacted by the tragic killing of her friend and fellow singer Christina Grimmie, who was murdered in Florida in June by a crazed fan and began using drugs to cope with her heartache.

While drug rumors have swirled, however, a source spoke to People Magazine in August at the time Selena Gomez's statement was shared and insisted that her decision to take some time off was not the result of alcohol or drug dependence.

The source explained that Selena Gomez's break is "absolutely not related to alcohol or substance abuse" and was prompted after the popular singer and actress "hadn't felt like herself" for the past couple of months.

"[Selena Gomez] decided to clear her calendar for the year in order to have this be her priority for future happiness and didn't want to leave any promoters at bay," the source explained. "She feels relieved that she can now make more sense of why she was feeling the way she was and is optimistic about the future."

While some reports have claimed Selena Gomez is making good progress as she tends to her mental health concerns, another recent report suggested that the actress was miserable at the Brookhaven treatment center in Tennessee and was actually considering leaving the facility before completing her chosen treatment plan.

"[Selena Gomez] absolutely hates it there," a source explained to In Touch Weekly magazine. "When the actual effects of detoxing hit her body, she started complaining... Selena keeps saying she feels like hell and wants to leave the facility or go switch to outpatient treatment. Everyone is worried."

Selena Gomez was in the midst of her Revival World Tour in August when she suddenly canceled her remaining tour dates, which were expected to continue through December. Then, for weeks, no one knew where Selena Gomez was or what she was doing. Gomez's final performance took place on August 13 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Although Selena Gomez was able to remain completely private for several weeks after releasing her statement to People Magazine, she was ultimately photographed at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Alcoa, Tennessee, where she enjoyed spending time with several fans and staff members at the facility. During her visit to the restaurant, Selena Gomez posed for numerous photos and video clips with fans which were later shared on social media.

[Featured Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]