Justin Bieber Loses Ladies' Man Magic, 'Annoyed' Sofia Richie, 'Blamed' For Selena Gomez 'Spiral'?

Justin Bieber has had the Midas touch when it comes to attracting girlfriends, going from his on-again, off-again romantic relationship with Selena Gomez to model Hailey Baldwin, reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian and supermodel Sofia Richie. But has Bieber lost his ladies' man magic recently, with reports that Sofia is now "annoyed" at him, while Selena "blamed" him for her problems?

Recently seen at Justin's London concert, Sofia triggered speculation that she and Bieber were hooking up once again, noted E News.

"Sofia and Justin are not back together, and they never were an official couple," an insider told E News. "They just hooked up and were close friends."

However, although they remain friends, it's not all hearts and rainbows when it comes to the quality of Richie's and Bieber's relationship, added the source.

"Sofia is still kind of annoyed at how Justin handled a few things."
Although Richie and Bieber still communicate, they "haven't hooked up" recently, clarified the insider. As for just what went wrong to cause the romantic side of their relationship to fizzle out, E News' sources offer different versions of how Sofia and Justin feel.

Is it too late for Justin Bieber to say sorry?
Is it too late for Justin Bieber to say sorry? [Image by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

"Sofia is chill with the whole situation and not ruling out future possibilities with Justin," revealed the first source, adding, "but as of this second nothing is happening."

Another one of the insiders linked the cooled-off relationship to Bieber's decision that he did not desire a "serious" relationship.

"It was super-hot and heavy, and because Justin doesn't want a relationship right now, he wanted to cool things down."
However, one of the sources blames it on the media attention, which reportedly led to a mutual decision to cool off the romance.
"They are still friends though and will continue to see each other like they did before they were dating," clarified that insider. "They are taking a backseat though on the romance side of things and just focusing on being friends at this time."

As for what happened between Justin and Selena to cause her allegedly to blame Bieber for her issues, Life & Style cites an insider's claim that she felt "backed into a corner" by Justin.

The "Kill 'Em With Kindness" singer has described 2016 as "one of the worst years of her life," and "Justin Bieber is to blame," according to the media outlet. Although Gomez clarified that she had cancelled her Revival World Tour in order to have time to focus on her health, the insider shared that viewing pictures of Bieber with Sofia caused problems.
"It was really hard for her. She saw Justin looking so happy and that really sent her into a downward spiral."
However, one of her friends told Life & Style that the 24-year-old singer is aware of her need to care for her health.

"She wants everyone to know where she's coming from and how she feels," clarified the friend. "She knows she needs to take care of herself."

But In Touch reports that her "unhealthy" relationship with Justin is the reason for the cancellation of her Revival Tour. Although she is also struggling with lupus, the media outlet reported that "her constant partying" combined with that allegedly "unstable relationship" with Bieber exacerbated her problems.

Is Justin Bieber getting blamed for Selena Gomez's issues?
Is Justin Bieber getting blamed for Selena Gomez's issues? [Image by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]

A source told In Touch that when Gomez became aware of the hot hookup that Justin and Sofia were enjoying at the time, she "had a meltdown." Although Bieber attempted to focus on Richie, that caused even more problems for his former girlfriend, added the insider.

"The more he ignored her, the more she freaked out."
But despite allegedly ignoring her, Justin and those close to him do care about Gomez, a source close to Bieber revealed to In Touch.

"Justin and his family are praying that she gets the help she needs," shared the insider. "They just want Selena to get well."

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