Khloe Kardashian: Why She's Planning Tristan Thompson Marriage, Pregnancy Ahead Of Time

Is Khloe Kardashian ready to marry Tristan Thompson?

The duo has only been seeing one another for a couple of months, but according to In Touch magazine, Thompson wasted no time in proposing to the reality star, who couldn't wait to boast about her engagement to her family and friends.

Khloe Kardashian is notoriously known for getting married in a matter of weeks after knowing someone. She infamously tied the knot to Lamar Odom back in 2009, and that was just three weeks after the couple had even announced that they were planning to get married.

It seems as if Khloe is following that certain pattern once again. But this time, however, the reality star does plan to stay private about her wedding plans — for now, at least. She hasn't shared the engagement news with her fans just yet, but according to In Touch, her family is already in the know of things.

"She's delighted to be engaged and can't wait to tie the knot early next year," an insider gushes, making it known that Khloe Kardashian could not be happier, Gossip Cop alleges.

When Kris Jenner was first informed of the news, the source alleges that Khloe's mother was far from happy. The momager was somewhat furious over the fact that her daughter would not only rush into a new relationship with a basketball player, but also shock her siblings with the news that she is already thinking of marriage.

The outlet, as cited by The New York Times adds that Kris Jenner "quickly changed her tune" when Khloe raised the idea of landing her own reality show on the E! network, one that will follow her journey up to the day she ties the knot with Tristan Thompson.

"[Kris] suddenly went from ranting about Khloe's 'destructive relationship habits' to telling her that she'll make millions marrying Tristan," the source added.

Kris is now said to be all for the wedding, with the magazine having already insinuated that the momager will do everything she can to spin as many endorsement deals as she can, in the hopes of making this yet another wedding to bank millions through.

Kim Kardashian still holds the family's title for making the highest amount of money in a single day. Reports in 2011 claimed that Kim made close to $17 million through the wedding special, magazine photo rights, endorsement deals, and so much more.

While nobody is expecting Khloe Kardashian to follow in the same footsteps, Kris is certain that her daughter will still pull in reasonable numbers when she does decide to marry Tristan sometime next year.

After all, it was just weeks ago when it was claimed that Khloe was finally ready to settle down and have children. All of her biological siblings have a family, and that's something that Khloe really misses in her own life, having spent years of her life trying to repair her broken marriage to Lamar Odom.

She's now distanced herself from her estranged husband for good, and all she wants to do now is focus on her happiness, her future, and her businesses. If she can interlink her marriage plans with a reality show deal that will bank her millions, even better, because Khloe Kardashian is certain that her relationship with Tristan will last a lifetime.

Khloe has yet to confirm reports that she's officially engaged.

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