'The Vampire Diaries' Season 8, Episode 2: Damon Bluffing About Switch? Alaric Saves Damon And Enzo? Bonnie Risks It All [Spoilers]

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 premiere aired Friday night on The CW network. Now fans have a taste of what the mystery creature is and what is going on with Damon and Enzo. What can be expected from the characters next week? The synopsis and a promo clip tease that Alaric Saltzman may hold the key to saving Damon and Enzo. Also, Bonnie Bennett is prepared to take desperate measures while Damon might be bluffing about turning off his humanity switch.

TVD spoilers are below. If you do not want to know what to expect, then do not continue reading.

During the Season 8 premiere of The Vampire Diaries, fans discovered that Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) turned off his humanity switch. This not only allows him to perform gruesome tasks without worry, but allows him to resist the siren. This may also prove to be useful as the siren tries to get deeper inside of Damon's head and heart. Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) is the one person that he cares about the most. In a twist, turning off his humanity switch might be the only way he can protect her and not lose himself completely. However, that theory only makes sense if that is what Damon has done.

A promo clip for the next installment of TVD reveals that the siren will wonder where Damon goes mentally when he tries to resist her. When the siren gets close to him, Damon immediately closes his eyes and goes to his "Elena place." He also seems quite peaceful when seeing images of Elena and even dreams of her. If Damon truly turned off his humanity switch, then he shouldn't feel a thing and he wouldn't care if the siren got close to him or not. In fact, the siren would not sense him resisting, but would be able to tell there was nothing inside of him.

It was mentioned in the Season 8 premiere of The Vampire Diaries that the creature can hear them. Spoilers for TVD previously stated that the creature knows the deepest and darkest secrets of its victims. Perhaps Damon's "suggestion" that Enzo (Michael Malarkey) turn his switch off was just a cover. Damon is a smart vampire. Over the centuries, he has probably learned a few tricks on how to block his thoughts and retreat within himself.

So, did Damon really turn off his humanity switch or is it just a cover story to keep the siren at a distance? The way he talked to Stefan could have been to drive him away in an attempt to protect him. It would have been easy to kill Stefan and Bonnie, but that didn't happen.

Recently, the Futon Critic released the synopsis for Season 8, Episode 2, titled "Today Will Be Different." It teases that Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis) may stumble onto a clue related to the siren. Could he come across the key to saving Damon and Enzo?

"After learning that someone from Stefan's (Paul Wesley) past may be Damon and Enzo's next target, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline (Candice King) head to North Carolina. There, Bonnie takes drastic measures in an attempt to break Enzo free of whatever has a hold over him. At the Armory, Alaric and Georgie (guest star Allison Scagliotti) stumble upon a mysterious symbol that may be related to the supernatural force controlling Damon and Enzo. Finally, Caroline gets an unexpected surprise from Stefan."
Many TVD fans are speculating that Damon and Enzo might be going after Sarah Salvatore next. However, that has not been confirmed yet. As for Stefan's surprise, there are some who believe it might be a proposal.

When it comes to Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries, she is one determined young woman. Enzo is the love of her life and she believes he was leaving her clues. She was not letting it go and fans could see by the look in her eyes that she was trying to come up with a plan. What kind of drastic measures will Bonnie take to save Enzo? Will she risk her own life? Will it be successful or could it make the whole situation worse?

The promo clip for TVD reveals that Bonnie and Enzo meet and talk about the siren. Maybe this is the drastic measure the synopsis is talking about. Just meeting Enzo puts him as well as Bonnie in danger. As for the creature's goal, it turns out that Damon and Enzo are her servants to bring her bodies. The reason is so she can eat. However, will she ever get full? Will it ever be enough for her?

It should be noted that the tagline for Season 8, Episode 2 is "willpower." Is it referring to Damon blocking out the siren or Bonnie's determination to save Enzo?

Keep watching The Vampire Diaries on The CW network to find out what happens next. Season 8, Episode 2, titled "Today Will Be Different" airs on October 28.

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