Investigation Discovery Offers Up Creepy New ‘Dead Silent’ TV Series

When things go bump in the night, it's only your imagination, right? But what if it turned out that your mind wasn't playing tricks with you and you found yourself in real danger? Dead Silent, Investigation Discovery's new limited series explores that notion with what the network describes as "real-life dark and twisted tales too frightening to be imaginary."

Just in time for Halloween, Dead Silent is a six-part series where myth, urban legend and horror movie troupes come together with six different tales that are told with commentary from local authorities, true-crime experts, psychologists and many of the victims who survived these crazy encounters.

"Dead Silent shows just how dark and desolate the great outdoors can be when no one can reach you" says the Investigation Discovery press release for the show that debuts next week.

The premiere episode of Dead Silent, "The Curse of Dismal Creek," airs on Tuesday, October 25 at 9/8c. It is the story of Sean Farmer who meets up with his fishing buddy, Scott Johnston, at a campsite that is located, you guessed it, deep in the woods along the banks of Dismal Creek. What the two didn't know was that years earlier on the nearby Appalachian Trail, two hikers were killed by a stranger. When a mysterious man shows up at their campsite, the viewer is left to wonder if this is going to be a case where history repeats itself.

Here is the synopsis of the other five episodes of Dead Silent all airing on Tuesday nights.

November 1: "Welcome to the Devil House"

On December 12, 1982, teenager Teresa Hudgens was enjoying her first date with fellow classmate Joey Wells in Summerville, Georgia. Somehow, through a series of events, the pair ended up joining some other locals to investigate an abandoned and secluded house known as the Corpsewood Manor, a place rumored to have been a home of devil worshipers. What could go wrong?

Devil House
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November 8: "The Stranger on the Hill"

Ashley Freeman and Mike Grinnan were college sweethearts just starting their summer vacation in a remote part of Texas. The couple had gone off-roading just outside of Dallas for a romantic evening when things turn deadly. The couple find themselves trapped, having to face a brutal attacker out in the darkness with a little chance of survival.

November 15: "Madness on the Lake"

According to this tale, Bayview, Idaho, is a remote and beautiful lakeside community that is full of life during the summer months, but becomes increasingly more silent when fall approaches. The local Wallis family liked the solitude, but the quietness would play with the mind of their neighbor Larry Cragun who apparently just snapped one day and acted out in a senseless wrath.

Madness on the Lake
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November 22: "A Killer in the Swamp"

Alicia Eakins grew up in Pennsylvania among a series of harsh life events. When she turned 24, she had thought that a move to St. Augustine, Florida, might provide her the fresh start that she was looking for. And indeed it did, or at least it did initially. In no time at all, she met RJ Faba whom she described as a charmer who talked her into moving into his home which was located deep in the Ocala National Forest. There she found that her new found paradise would quickly turn into a land of danger.

November 29: "The Desert Drifter"

Young Will Kleier, Jon Perez and Keyton Cornelius were best friends visiting a family ranch in Indian Creek, California. The plan was to spend their days hiking, hunting and enjoying the high desert, which was fine with mom and dad as long as they came home before it got dark. Unfortunately, the trio meet up with a strange and armed drifter and quickly found that there wasn't another single soul for miles. As the night came, the friends found themselves facing a madman.

Dead Silent was produced for Investigation Discovery by Crazy Legs Productions.

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