Chelsea Houska Stuns Fans As She Shows Off Gorgeous Wedding Ring And Growing Baby Bump

Chelsea Houska, star of MTV's Teen Mom 2, has a lot to show off lately. The 25-year-old mother tied the knot on October 1 and is also currently 23 weeks pregnant with her second child.

Chelsea has been slow to share very many photos of the big day, and she only recently posted a photo of her stunning wedding ring. A Twitter user by the name of Amber requested a glimpse of said rings, and Chelsea was only too happy to oblige. She quickly uploaded a photo of her manicured hand complete with a set of rings. What must be her engagement ring is simple, yet absolutely beautiful. Coupled with her diamond encrusted wedding band, the ring makes quite a statement.

Her new hubby, Cole DeBoer, obviously did a wonderful job picking out the perfect rings for his princess! Before posting this photo, Teen Mom fans had only caught small glimpses of Chelsea's rings as she posed for Instagram photos.Houska shared this cute moment on social media with her 7-year-old daughter, Aubree, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. Fans of the series can tell you just how volatile their relationship was as Adam proved to be unreliable and rude. Since her rocky relationship with Lind ended, Chelsea has settled down with her seeming Prince Charming, DeBoer. The pair met at a gas station in 2014, and the rest is history and cute photos!

While everyone is dying to see more wedding outtakes from their special day, fans are making do with the few snaps Chelsea has shared. The blushing bride is gorgeous in a lace long-sleeved gown and flower crown in her latest wedding post. The bride and groom seem to be head-over-heels in love as they pose for photos!

Houska first posted Polaroids of the wedding two weeks ago, which show off the new family complete with little Aubree. Now, she's posting plenty of pictures of her growing baby bump! At 23 weeks— over half way there— Chelsea has the cutest bump and her fans are loving the adorable updates. The soon-to-be mother of two uploaded a cute bump photo to Snapchat this past Tuesday, and it's basically the best thing ever.

Chelsea is currently flaunting a barely-there bump, and it's adorable! She also shared a snap of future big sister Aubree feeling her little brother or sister kick, and the photo also gave fans a quick view of the wedding ring before Houska shared the close-up.

Houska definitely isn't shy when it comes to sharing photos of her personal life as she continues to update her followers throughout the pregnancy. In fact, the mom announced her second pregnancy via a photo of Aubree holding a sonogram. Since then, Chelsea has been avidly sharing bump photos, sonograms, and family pics.

There's no word yet on when Chelsea and Cole will announce the baby's gender, but it may be any time now with the due date of February 14th quickly approaching. Viewers are eagerly tuning into social media and have even complained about the wait, to which Chelsea replied the announcement is coming soon, according to International Business Times.
"While it remains unclear how the newlyweds plan to share their baby news, Chelsea has previously teased doing it with a party or in a photoshoot."
It was also reported the couple plans on having another wedding and reception next year after the baby is born. While Chelsea's baby bump isn't really noticeable in the wedding photos, it's not surprising she would use any excuse to celebrate her marriage to Cole all over again. If the second wedding is anything like the first, it's going to be a gorgeous affair! Hopefully with more pictures!

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