Chris Brown Accused Of Running In Panic From A Process Server To Avoid Being Served [Video]

Notoriously moody singer Chris Brown reportedly pulled a vanishing act on an unwitting process server last month. The server claims that Chris Brown quickly bailed from her presence when he realized that she was on the scene to do more than watch him play ball at the September 11 charity basketball tournament he was playing in. In fact, according to the process server, Chris Brown ran in the opposite direction faster than he'd chased the ball on the court when he realized what was about to go down.

As TMZ reports, the process server in question had been hanging around the charity basketball game featuring Chris Brown, waiting for her opportunity to do her job and serve Chris Brown with the legal documents in her possession. She waited around all the way until halftime; when Chris Brown had a break in the game, she decided to make her move.

According to the unnamed process server, she approached Chris Brown (who was predictably surrounded by the requisite entourage). She says that she got close enough to Brown to feel comfortable pulling the legal documents out of her bag, but her service still ultimately failed. The reason? She told TMZ that the minute she had the papers out and said the words "You've been served" to Chris Brown, the singer turned tail and ran. The entire embarrassing scene played out less than two weeks after the SWAT team descended on Chris Brown's home, resulting in a day-long standoff.
What's worse? The process server says that she knows that Chris Brown saw her, and she even alleges that one of Chris Brown's loyal followers got physical with her, hitting the legal paperwork out of her shocked hands. The server said that the closest that the legal summons got to Chris Brown was laying near his feet before Chris Brown ran from her, presumably in an attempt to deal with his legal obligations in accordance with the law.
TMZ reports that the legal documents that the harassed process server was attempting to deliver to Chris Brown are related to a time in the not-so-distant past when Brown was allegedly unable to control his temper. In that instance, Chris Brown allegedly beat his ex-manager Mike G "to a bloody pulp," and the September 11 failed service was an attempt to summon Chris Brown to court to face the music to the tune of his former manager's civil lawsuit.

Reportedly, Mike G was hired by Chris Brown following Brown's notorious beating of singer Rihanna. The purpose of hiring Mike G was allegedly supposed to be to "rehabilitate" Chris Brown's image.

Apparently, that plan didn't work out so well, and Brown's former assistant alleges that Chris Brown took him to a room and beat him bloody for no reason. Mike G's injuries were so severe that he ended up in the ER. According to Brown, his ex-assistant was fired because he had been "stealing from" Brown. Mike G responded to Chris Brown's allegations of theft by saying he was adding a defamation lawsuit to his assault lawsuit. Further, Mike G's legal team vows that every attempt was made to handle the matter privately.
"We did everything we could to resolve this in a non-public way to avoid damage to Chris Brown. Regrettably, as outlined in our complaint, Chris Brown has proven to be his own worst enemy."
If the process server's account is to be believed, Chris Brown may have once again been his own worst enemy when he ran frantically in the opposite direction rather than accepting his legally delivered summons.
Allegedly running from a process server wasn't the only noteworthy behavior Chris Brown reportedly engaged in at his September 11 charity b-ball game according to TMZ. In addition to running "like the Roadrunner" from a female process server, Chris Brown also allegedly got uppity with security at the venue.

Chris Brown was also caught taking a page out of the Colin Kaepernick playbook at the September 11 charity event. Chris Brown was caught on camera refusing to stand for the national anthem, and even laughing and joking with friends while those around him solemnly remembered those killed on 9/11.

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