Dallas Cowboys News: Legendary Coach Thinks Dak Prescott Should Continue To Start Over Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are playing excellent football right now and currently have the second-best record in the entire NFC. Fans are excited again about the boys in blue and white, and it’s bringing a lot of thrill back to Big D. One thing that many are failing to remember is that the Cowboys are doing all this with a backup rookie quarterback in Dak Prescott due to Tony Romo’s injury. With Romo healing up, many wonder if he’ll get his job back when he returns.

If it was up to legendary NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden, there would be no change upon Romo’s return to health.

USA Today’s For the Win spoke with iconic and legendary NFL coach and announcer John Madden about a number of topics. One of them happened to be about the Cowboys and their success this season with a 5-1 record so far.

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Through six games, the Cowboys are 5-1, with Dak Prescott passing for 1,486 yards, seven touchdowns, and just one interception. It has been expected that Tony Romo could return from injury in time for the Philadelphia Eagles game on October 30, but Madden thinks the quarterback that the Cowboys need is already in place.

If Madden happened to be in the shoes of Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, he thinks the decision would be simple.

“Not being there and not knowing the exact situation, I’ll say what I would do and not what they should do. I always went with the hot hand. [Prescott] looks great to me. I watch him and he wins and nothing looks too big for him. He looks like he’s been there. He’s very, very impressive. I think it would be tough for them to make a change. If I were in that situation, I wouldn’t make a change.”

Considering how the rookie is playing and the fact that they already have one more victory now than last season, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to make a change. While it’s true that Romo hardly played last year due to numerous other injuries, the Cowboys are playing some great football.

Tony Romo did not practice at all again this past week before Dallas defeated the Green Bay Packers. The team is on a bye now and will face the Eagles on Sunday Night Football next week in a key NFC East divisional match-up.

Having placed Romo on the short-term Injured Reserve list, he could technically return for the Eagles’ game. The thing is, as reported by UPI, it’s not entirely known if the Cowboys are even looking for him to make his comeback then.

With Prescott playing as well as he is, there really is no reason to hurry Romo back either.

dallas cowboys news john madden quarterback tony romo injury dak prescott

When Romo suffered yet another injury, fans, experts, and analysts all thought he would take his rightful spot upon being healthy. Now, with each passing week, everyone appears to be changing their tune, according to the official website of the Dallas Cowboys.

If Tony Romo is healthy, he can do some amazing things with the Cowboys’ offense and lead them in great directions. The problem is that he hasn’t been fully healthy in years. One fortunate thing for him is that Dallas never had a backup quarterback who could lead the team in his absence, and he always got his job back.

This is 2016, though, and Dak Prescott may have finally bucked that trend.

It’s not like John Madden is the end-all answer to everything in football, but there is no denying that the man knows what he is talking about. His opinion that the Dallas Cowboys should keep Dak Prescott at quarterback even when Tony Romo is healthy is something that has to draw attention. The Cowboys are sitting among the NFL elite this season and all with a rookie signal-called leading them. This very well could finally spell the end of Romo’s tenure under Jerry Jones.

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