‘Dexter’ Spin-Off Rumors Reemerge As The Show Turns 10

Dexter celebrated its 10th anniversary this month, according to E! Online. The Showtime series, which premiered on October 1, 2006, and ended its eight-season run on September 22, 2013, could a teach the American TV industry a lot, thanks to both its mistakes and its successes.

The main mistake of Dexter producers, and it seems that many of the show’s fans agree on this one, was to continue the series after Season 4. In fact, if Dexter aired its final episode at the end of Season 4, it would still be one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

But Dexter producers did exactly what many producers of successful shows do today, and they kept dragging it on, even though its prime was in the past. The saddest part about the Showtime series was that it squandered its original and fresh concept and became almost boring for some viewers after Season 4, according to The Comeback.

So Dexter can teach modern cable TV shows a lot. By losing its appeal starting with Season 5, the Showtime series could serve as a warning to producers that are tempted to renew their shows over and over again, even though there is a substantial decline in viewership, and the show has lost its original appeal.

Back in 2006, when Dexter premiered, the concept of the show was a bit risky for the then-innocent mid-2000s. Today, of course, the 2016 audience wouldn’t be surprised with a story about a good guy killing bad guys and getting away with it.

But the concept of Dexter was so heartfelt for 2006 audiences that they started rooting for this seemingly inappropriate character.

Dexter was nominated for a whopping 23 Primetime Emmy Awards in its eight-season run. The series was nominated four times in the category of Outstanding Drama Series, while Michael C. Hall, who played the title role of Dexter Morgan, was nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category for five consecutive years.

And Hall worked wonders on Dexter, as he made audiences forget about his iconic role of an emotionally-repressed gay man on Six Feet Under. In fact, Hall can also take all the credit for becoming so appealing in the eyes of viewers, even though his character was cutting people up and had no regrets about it. People still loved him!

Dexter, played by Hall, worked as a blood-splatter expert for the Miami Police Department, and at night, he covered a room in plastic wrap to murder the bad guys. Dexter always followed the code developed by Harry Morgan (James Remar), who adopted Dexter as a child.

Dexter’s step-sister Debra Morgan, played by Jennifer Carpenter, was working for the same police department. But it was James Doakes and Masuka who won the hearts of audiences the most. The former was always suspicious about Dexter, and for that got himself killed, while the latter was full of hilarious quips and phrases. But many Dexter fans seem to agree that the series would be better off without its last four seasons and should have ended after Season 4.

Ever since the announcement from Showtime president David Nevins that Dexter would end after season 8, there have been ongoing rumors about the possibility of a Dexter spin-off. In early 2014, Nevins said that Showtime was discussing the possibility of a spin-off, but warned that they would do it only if Michael C. Hall returned.

Hall, who played Dexter, is currently filming scenes for his upcoming film, Felt, in which he stars alongside Diane Lane and Liam Neeson.

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