'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Bill Faces Pressure, Ridge And Quinn Bicker, And Big Questions Loom As Brooke's Wedding Day Approaches

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Eric will make a big decision during Friday's show, and Brooke and Ridge will deal with the aftermath of a shocking moment between them. Donna has arrived back in Los Angeles for the big wedding, but she is not going to be shy about telling Bill what she thinks about this plan. What can everybody expect from the October 21 show and the week ahead?

As everybody saw on Thursday, Ridge planted a kiss on Brooke while the two were talking about the wedding to Bill and the Forrester Creations shares that hang in the balance. What will come next for these two? It looks like they may brush the kiss off as a mistake and work to move on, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that this kiss could come back to shake things up next week.

Previews show Brooke and Ridge confronting someone, surely Quinn, about the current situation. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that Eric will ask Quinn and Wyatt to take charge at Forrester Creations as his recovery continues. They will surely be flattered and thrilled at the opportunity, but it does not take long for this move to ruffle plenty of feathers. It sounds as if this decision will propel Ridge to push Brooke all the harder to marry Bill and get those company shares.

Donna has returned to Los Angeles to be at the wedding, and she spent some time talking with Bill about the event ahead. Previews detail that she will find it stunning that Bill would just hand over such a valuable commodity. She points out that he had gone through a lot to get his hands on those shares, and she's stunned at the idea that he would just hand the over in exchange for marrying Brooke.

Eric asked Wyatt to move into the Forrester mansion, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Ivy will be spending time there helping Quinn protect Eric as well. Ivy has no qualms about standing up to others to do what Quinn has asked, and it sounds as if Ridge, in particular, will get increasingly agitated about this situation.

Steffy and Liam quickly reunited after she walked out on her husband, and they had an intimate evening together earlier this week. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers are teasing that Wyatt will soon offer her an ultimatum and that somehow she ends up reuniting with her husband, casting Liam aside again. Some fans are speculating that there may be a pregnancy on the way to shake up this love triangle, but everybody will have to stay tuned to see how this all plays out.

The week ahead will feature Bill and Brooke's big event, and Soap In Depth teasers shared via the "Steffy Forrester" Facebook fan page detail that Bill will have put together a dream event. However, RJ interferes once again, trying to get his mother to walk away from the nuptials. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Ridge will come clean with his son about why he's pushing for this wedding so hard, but he's facing doubts about this plan as well.

Viewers will see game show icon Wink Martindale appearing on B&B during the coming week as the officiant for the nuptials, and he will pop up throughout the full week. Brooke is said to not show up at the altar, and it's because Ridge will try to talk her out of the wedding after pushing so hard for it to happen. What will she decide to do?

Nicole and Zende will face some additional struggles, as it seems that they find themselves on different pages about Halloween costumes as well as about greater family issues. As for the big surrogacy question, Nicole will make a decision and B&B fans will be curious to see whether she agrees to carry another baby for Rick and Maya.

She had told Zende that she wouldn't do it, but that she had to give it careful consideration, and fans will likely be annoyed if she decides to do it. Some speculate that Sasha could perhaps step in and offer to carry the baby instead, seeing it as an opportunity to finally feel like a true part of the Avant family.

Will Brooke marry Bill, or is she destined to be with Ridge? What drives Steffy to reunite with Wyatt rather than stay with Liam? What will Nicole decide when it comes to a relationship with Zende versus the surrogacy for Rick and Maya? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things are going to get wild and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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