Gordon Ramsay’s New Show ‘The F Word,’ And Why He’s Banned From His Daughter’s School

Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he is banned from parents’ nights at his child’s school, according to Fox News. The 49-year-old famous chef says he is an unwanted guest at his youngest daughter, Tilly’s school.

In his interview with Vegas magazine, Gordon Ramsay, the outspoken chef on shows that include Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares opened up about his “f***ed up” mission at the school, saying that when he asked the headmaster for a selfie, he got kicked out.

“The following day I received an email saying, ‘Can you please refrain from the next parents evening — we do not need the presence of Mr. Ramsay.'”

Gordon Ramsay has four children with his wife, Tana, whom he married two decades ago, three daughters, Matilda, Megan Jane, Holly Anna, and son Jack Scott. This summer, Tana unfortunately suffered a miscarriage at five months.

Gordon Ramsay has revealed that he is just as harsh and beast-like even in real life as he is on TV, but that his outbursts are not due to anger, according to Deadline. As it turns out, Ramsay becomes a different “beast” once he puts his chef’s jacket on, the outspoken chef told Vegas magazine.

Gordon Ramsay was quick to add that being a chef is all about standards and he wants to be “remembered for that.”

“So am I hamming it up for the camera because I think it looks good? Far from it. It’s real.”

Gordon Ramsay also insisted that his bizarre passion gets misinterpreted for “anger.”

“I’m live; it’s just the way I am.”

However, like any human being, Gordon Ramsay admits that he has had repercussions for his too brutal treatment to some of the contestants of his kitchen shows. The chef admits that there are times he has felt he has “gone too far,” and added that he has “made amends” to turn down the heat a little bit.

“Yeah definitely, but I suppose that’s the guy I am. It’s all or nothing.”

Gordon Ramsay also insisted that only those who know him well can “give you the real insight” of what the chef is like when the camera stops rolling. Ramsay also shared the secret of being in business for a long time that his mother had taught him.

“It’s important to share and keep both feet firmly on the ground. Continue with that and I think I’ll be in business a long time.”

Fox has recently picked up Gordon Ramsay’s live food variety show called The F Word, according to People magazine. The network ordered the new series to premiere next year.

This will be Studio Ramsay’s first show, as the chef launched the independent production company earlier this year. The F Word, which will be comprised of hour-long live episodes, is a cooking competition and will feature Gordon Ramsay interviewing VIP and surprise guests.

Gordon Ramsay is also expected to appear in weekly segments as part of the show, in which he will interact with his fans and culinary experts. The upcoming Fox series is based on the U.K. series of the same name, which ran for five seasons from 2005 through 2010.

But contestants on The F Word will find it more challenging to impress Gordon Ramsay as they will also be required to serve their dishes to celebrities and VIP guests on the show. The series is expected to be as intense and as filled with Ramsay’s loud shouting and insults as his other cooking shows.

Gordon Ramsay turns 50-years-old on Election Day on November 8.

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