Hilary Duff Spills ‘Younger’ Spoilers, Says She’s ‘Team Josh’ All The Way

Hilary Duff has revealed she is Team Josh on her show Younger, according to E! Online. The actress, who turned 29-years-old last month, is surely not one of those actors who say “oh, I don’t know, I really can’t decide.”

It looks like Hilary Duff has already made up her mind about which of Sutton Foster’s character’s boyfriend candidates she likes the most. And for the actress, Josh seems like a better choice for Liza, played by Foster.

On TV Land’s Younger, Hilary Duff plays Kelsey, Liza’s coworker and friend, who doesn’t know that Liza is actually 40-years-old but tells everybody she is 26-years-old. And there are two suitors, the sexy young tattoo artist Josh, played by Nico Tortorella, and the hot Charles, played by Peter Hermann, who is more appropriate for her age.

But in her interview with E! Online, Hilary Duff admits that she is Team Josh all the way, and jokes that she is probably the only cast member of the show who has actually picked a side.

“I love Peter Hermann more than anything — he’s the best! He’s the greatest human ever.”

But Hilary Duff knows that Hermann’s character is not going anywhere, because he is Liza’s boss, while to keep Josh on the show it’s best for Liza to hook up with him. And Josh is also a better choice for Liza because he “brings out something” in her that has been buried for years in her bad marriage.

“And he’s actually proving himself to be a really good guy. He’s not just a young, immature flash in the pan.”

The first episode of Season 3 aired on the day that Hilary Duff turned 29-years-old, and the actress has given a few details about how this season is going to unwrap, saying that the third series feels “a lot more grounded” than the first two as well as “a little more emotional.”

“Obviously this big lie has taken over, but all of her relationships with the people she’s been lying to are so much deeper and stronger and it’s just getting very tangled.”

Hilary Duff even revealed that there would be a major cliffhanger later this season, explaining that the last season ended on a pretty surprising note, but Season 3 will be an “even bigger surprise.” Younger airs on Wednesdays at 10 P.M. on TV Land.

For those wondering if Season 3 of the series starring Hilary Duff could be its last, don’t worry, the show has been renewed for Season 4.

While Hilary Duff’s character helps Liza figure out which one of her potential boyfriends is better for her, she is dealing with problems on her own. Kelsey still hasn’t fully recovered after the death of her fiancé, Thad, according to Yahoo News.

In her interview with Yahoo TV, promoting Season 3 of Younger, Hilary Duff revealed that her character would be “throwing herself into work” this season.

“She has a lot of responsibility coming up with her imprint. And she has some bad dates, and then she goes on a little bit of a boy bender. So, it’s a very fun season for Kelsey.”

When asked about the last show she binge-watched, Hilary Duff admitted it was Stranger Things, Netflix’s fiction-horror web television series that has aired only one season so far.

“I binge watched Stranger Things; I think just like everybody else. Like, if you haven’t seen that, you don’t know what’s up, right?”

Hilary Duff has recently started dating new boyfriend Jason Walsh, nearly nine months after her divorce from Mike Comrie was finalized.

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