James Franco, Glenn Close Sign Up For ‘The Grace That Keeps This World’

It’s another day, so that means another film announcement! Actor and multi-hyphenate wonder James Franco has joined Damages actress Glenn Close and Brit Marling for The Grace That Keeps This World.

The Grace That Keeps This World is a screen adaption of Tom Bailey’s novel of the same title. The screenplay is said to be adapted by Matthew Aldrich, who is known for Cleaner and Father Daughter Time. Terri director Azazel Jacobs will direct, while Anonymous Content’s Alix Madigan is said to producer with Jewerl Ross and Aldrich.

The film is said to tell the story of “a father in a small town whose relationship with his sons is fraying following an investigation into hunting violations.” It hasn’t been announced who Close, Marling or Franco will play but it definitely sounds interesting.

The book description on Amazon, which the film is said to be based on is as follows:

Gary and Susan Hazen—high school sweethearts married for many years, born and bred in the Adirondack community of Lost Lake—live a simple and honest life and have instilled values in their two grown sons by example. But despite their efforts, Gary senses that his sons are starting to pull away and can’t help but feel he is at fault. His younger son, Kevin, has ambitions that extend far beyond the snowy edges of their small town. And his elder, Gary David, so fears disappointing his father that he is keeping an important part of his life secret.

So far the cast has been quite busy with their own solo projects, so it hasn’t been said when production will start. Currently James Franco just wrapped his feature As I Lay Dying based on the novel by Tennessee Williams in Canton, Mississippi. Up next, the actor plans to star opposite Mila Kunis for Paul Haggis’ Third Person, which will start filming in Rome later in the month.

Close, Franco, Marling, Jacobs, and Aldrich are all represented by CAA, which will also represent the film in its distribution rights with Cinetic Media.