‘Supernatural’ Season 12: Will Sam And Dean Winchester Ever Stay Dead?

As Season 12 of Supernatural continues to air, many fans of the series have realized it is a little hard to be sad when someone dies on this CW show because of how many characters never really stay dead. Take Sam and Dean Winchester, for example. Have you ever stopped and taken note of how many times the Winchester brothers have actually died on the series during the past 12 seasons and ended up coming back to life? Really, would the series even be the same if either of the Supernatural brothers were permanently killed off of the show?

Here’s a look at several times each of the Winchester brothers actually dies over the course of the 12 seasons of the show.

Sam Dean and Castiel of Supernatural

Dean in Season One, Episode 22 titled “Devil’s Trap”

During a mission to save their father from Meg, the Winchester brothers come face-to-face with the demon who was responsible for taking the life of their mother. While taking over their father’s body, the demon gravely injuries Dean. The three Winchesters end up making it out of the situation alive only to be slammed into by a truck driver who was possessed. John, their father, is forced to make a deal in order for Dean’s life to be spared.

Sam in Season Two, Episode 22 titled “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part II”

After the yellow-eyed demon who killed their mother kidnapped Sam and the other “special children” in order to start his own war against mankind, Dean gets Bobby to help him find his brother. Meanwhile, Sam tries to save himself while teaming up with a soldier named Jake in order to escape the ghost town. Jake ends up claiming not to trust Sam and fights him. Jake appears to lose the fight when Dean arrives. While Sam is distracted, Jake stabs Sam. He kills Sam and crushes the hearts of Dean and Supernatural fans at the very same time.

Dean in Season Three, Episode 11 titled “Mystery Spot”

On Groundhog Day, Sam is forced to relive the same day over and over again. Each day, the day ends with Dean dying. Dean dies a number of different ways including a poisoned taco, being electrocuted, and being mauled by a dog. Despite Sam’s best efforts, Dean dies a new way each and every day.

Dean in Season Three, Episode 16 titled “No Rest For the Wicked”

Despite Bobby, Sam, and Dean’s best efforts, Dean ends up getting mauled and slaughter by Lilith’s hellhounds in this episode.

According to POP Sugar, Sam Winchester has died about six times while Dean has died 118 times during the 12 Seasons of Supernatural. To be fair, Dean has bitten the dust a lot more than Sam because of a loop the Trickster forced the Winchester brothers to endure.

As Season 12 of Supernatural continues to air, these are just four of the many times one of the Winchester brothers actually dies in the series only to be brought back to life sometime later. When you are watching Supernatural and one of your favorite characters dies – how do you feel? In the moment, are you sad that one of your favorite characters have died? Or, is it hard for you to be sad about the passing of the character because you know how easy it is for people to come back to life in Supernatural?

Which Winchester brother do you think will die and be brought back to life next? Share your thoughts on the apparent immortality Dean and Sam seem to have in the comments below.

Don’t forget Supernatural Season 12 is back on Thursday nights on The CW.

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