‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Rumors: Did Joseline Reveal The Real Father Of Her Baby?

The latest Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors are absolutely explosive: Joseline Hernandez, currently embroiled in a series of lawsuits with her alleged baby daddy Stevie J, might just have revealed the real father of her baby last night!

That’s the word according to BET, whose latest round of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors suggest that the stripper-turned-singer & reality star went partying with rapper Young Dro in an Atlanta hotspot, and they were taking pictures of each other and posting them on Instagram. This has led people to speculate that Young Dro is really the father of the baby that she is accusing Stevie J of fathering. But, what’s even more interesting is that eagle-eyed Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta fans have noticed that Joseline’s “baby bump” looks a little padded in the photo, leading people to wonder if Joseline is really pregnant at all! Wouldn’t that be absolutely scandalous?

Take a look at this photo, below, from the party and see if you can spot what other fans are claiming:

Dolla Dolla bills doe

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Meanwhile, according to the latest Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors put forth by the International Business Times, fans of the show may be treated to a Joseline Hernandez pregnancy special on VH1 later this year. Speaking to reporters outside of the Atlanta courtroom where she was facing off against Stevie J, Joseline gushed that she would be filming parts of her pregnancy for a special, but didn’t hesitate to slam Stevie J in the process for calling the paternity of her baby into question.

Joseline said as follows.

“Listen you less of a man, literally. I never asked you for anything Stevie J! DNA test, don’t lie! You are a worthless son of a b****! You know you are the daddy of this baby. But thank god you are disclaiming the baby. Good! Trust me and believe you will never see your kid. While you got everyone laughing you will never meet your kid ever. You will go to your grave without seeing him.”

So how did it come about that Young Dro could be the father of Joseline’s baby? Speculation was raised about Young Dro’s possible paternity when the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors began circulating that the Grand Hustle rapper would be joining the newest season of the show. This led people to extrapolate that he and Joseline were an item, despite no evidence before now to indicate that this might, indeed, be the case.

Young Dro Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Rumors

According to the latest Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta rumors put out by AllHipHop.com, however, Young Dro prefers to be known as a rapper better known for his political activism versus any sort of reality TV manufactured baby daddy drama.

Most recently, he’s been making the news because of his support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and he told AllHipHop.com why he feels the way he does about the movement.

“Black Lives Matter. For he who loves the world is not a friend of God. All lives are not good lives. I wish I would love everybody. I can’t love everybody. You can’t do that. That’s the key to failure. I don’t want nobody to think that we ain’t out here doing some bulls*** like the police just killing us. We killing each other. That’s why I say all lives don’t matter. Some of these people [are] heartless. I can’t care for you.”

To see the full interview that Young Dro gave DJ Smalls of AllHipHop.com, check out the video below.

What do you think of the latest round of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors? Do you believe the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors that Young Dro is the father of Joseline’s baby, or do you believe the baby is Stevie J’s?

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