Amal And George Clooney In Hot Water After The Human Rights Barrister Disrespected A UN Ambassador?

George and Amal Clooney have been a hot topic due to a number of rumors that are churning in the rumor mill as of late. Mainly those that are making headlines involve potential pregnancies along with marriage troubles. However, all of these falsities have been debunked by the star couple’s reps and the two are simply smitten as always, while not expecting a little one.

Most recently, the couple has been making headlines for a meeting between themselves and a UN Ambassador which resulted in tension. The meeting between Amal Clooney and Iraqi UN ambassador Ali Alhakim did not go as the human rights barrister had hoped, resulting in the beauty disrespecting Alhakim. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the barrister used very “dismissive” language and a “lecturing” tone with the ambassador, while also bringing her own camera crew to the meeting without gaining permission in advance. The publication shared more about the apparent scene that did not go over well with the ambassador.

“Observers say that Ali Akhakim grew so frustrated with Amal’s diva attitude that, at one point, he even turned around and told her, ‘This is highly insulting. This is very unacceptable’ while Amal apparently appeared ‘tone deaf’ and ‘completely uninterested’ in what he had to say about how ISIS should indeed be targeted. If that weren’t enough, Amal and her camera crew requested an interview with the ambassador but was denied her request and escorted out of the building for her ‘obnoxious’ behavior.”

CDL also shares that Clooney demanded that she be able to meet the prime minister. Following her behavior, and the demands made, Amal was escorted from the event due to a scene which ensued following her actions. As the publication points out, this isn’t the first time that Amal’s attitude and directness have caused her to land herself in hot water, yet in this particular case, the incident has not been verified and should likely be taken with a grain of salt.

What is fact regarding the couple is that they just reportedly purchased a new home in Manhattan. Page Six shared that George and Amal bought a lavish Manhattan condo that cost them a large fortune at a price of $65 million. The 6.760 square foot property has four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms and is a two-floor penthouse apartment within a 94 unit building.

Although the couple has shut down pregnancy rumors one after the other, the belief now is that the two bought the property in Manhattan with the intention to start a family. Reports have been made that Amal is not comfortable living in Los Angeles, so a more permanent spot in the United States has been found for the couple in New York. Amal has fit right in while she’s spent time in Manhattan over the years.

A source has stated that the couple opted for the specific building because of its incredible amenities and because it is in a close proximity to the United Nations for Amal. The barrister also teaches at Columbia Law School.

The building which is to be completed next year has a number of other star owners, one including French chef Joel Robuchon. He is to occupy the first two levels within the building with his “gourmet marketplace and fine-dining restaurant.” The building also comes with hotel-like amenities such as a spa, swimming pool and a wellness facility.

The Clooneys also own a mansion in England and a home in Studio City California, as well as a getaway villa in Lake Como, Italy. They recently sold their villa in Mexico this past year, as the property was more linked to the Hollywood heartthrob’s bachelor days.

[Feature Image by Peter Foley – Pool/Getty Images]