Janet Jackson’s ‘Nasty’ Hits All Time High On Spotify After Wednesday Night’s Debate

Janet Jackson’s song “Nasty” became a hot trending topic at Wednesday night’s debates. It was the third and final debate between presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The internet found a new meme after Ken Bone and it turned out to be an old Janet Jackson song.

Janet Jackson "Nasty" 250% Increase On Spotify

“Nasty” is already the most streamed song on Spotify as of Thursday, Oct. 20. When viewers heard Trump refer to Clinton about being “a nasty woman,” they were immediately reminded of Jackson’s 1986 hit song, according to the Los Angeles Times. The song has spiked 250 percent on Spotify shortly after the debate, according to the music streaming service.

Additionally, someone spliced Trump’s comment into the “Nasty” music video, which somehow fits.

The comment occurred when Clinton was discussing her plan to add more money into social security. She explained her plan when moderator Chris Wallace asked the candidates for their policies for improving debt and entitlements. Clinton spoke about her commitment to raise taxes for the wealthy.

“I am on record as saying that we need to put more money into the social security trust fund. That’s part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. My social security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald’s – assuming he can’t figure out how to get out of it.”

“Such a nasty woman,” Trump interrupted and said.

The remark didn’t sit well with viewers, who have slammed him for his sexist remarks about women, particularly Clinton. However, that didn’t stop some from comparing his remark to Jackson’s “Nasty,” while adding that being “such a nasty woman” isn’t such a bad thing after all.

That’s not the only song that has come to mind. While Jackson’s “Nasty” has seen a boost in streams from Trump’s remark, viewers have also been reminded of Vanity 6’s single “Nasty Girl,” as reported via Billboard. Others have brought up Destiny’s Child “Nasty Girl” and Childbirth’s “Nasty Grrls.”

Some women are also taking back the insult and turning it into a positive. T-shirts and hats with the phrase “Make America Nasty Again” have already been designed and placed for sale on sites such as Etsy.com. In addition, according to USA Today, someone has purchased the domain name nastywomengets***done.com, which redirects to a Hillary Clinton donations page.

Trendy clothing retailer Nasty Gal also had some fun with the “nasty woman” phrase, by changing their logo to Nasty Woman for the day. They also hinted that a new Nasty Women line is on the way. As you can see, they’re voting for Clinton.

Earlier this month, Sophia Amoruso, owner and founder of Nasty Gal, spoke to MarketPlace about how she turned her vintage clothing business into a multi-million dollar women’s clothing retailer. Since then, Amuroso published her first book, #GIRLBOSS, she stepped down as CEO of the company, and is working on her Girlboss empire.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Debate

“It was something that I wanted to happen for a while. It became especially difficult after the book [#GIRLBOSS] was successful because I was juggling my priorities. And you know, managing eight C-level executives about deliverables, and building infrastructure and systems, just stuff that is not – I like starting things, I’m creative, I have a voice,” she explained when asked why she stepped down as CEO of the successful retailer.

So, what’s next for the inspiring entrepreneur? She only plans to go bigger and better from here.

“#GIRLBOSS has become its own thing and in many ways, is its own media brand. With the television show, with the podcast. We have a Squarespace website but that could become a publishing platform. And when you have more opportunity than you know what to do it, it can be a good thing or it can be really distracting.”

The #NastyWomenVote hashtag has been trending all night Wednesday night and most of the day on Thursday mostly to women poking fun at Trump’s remark. This has been following the wave of feminist and women’s rights groups who will choose to vote against Trump on Nov. 8.

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump’s “nasty woman” remark? Do you think it was offensive? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured image by Francois Nel/Getty Images]