‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: Should Alex Karev And Meredith Grey Be A Couple?

As Grey’s Anatomy fans continue to watch Season 13, they reflect on all the relationships that have come and gone as well as love triangle after love triangle the characters have endured. A few seasons ago, Grey’s Anatomy fans likely never pictured Meredith Grey with anyone other than her husband, Derek Shepherd. And Alex? Well, he tends to go all in – emotionally and physically – with every girlfriend he’s had since the series started.

As Cristina Yang, George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens, and many other characters have come and gone over the years, Alex and Meredith have had no choice but to lean on each other for support and love. With all of the struggles that Alex and Meredith have had to endure as the series progresses through Season 13, is it possible the bond between the two could be anything more than just good friends?

Grey's Anatomy Meredith and Alex

For some Grey’s Anatomy fans, Alex Karev and Meredith Grey is the couple everyone has been waiting for. For other Grey’s Anatomy fans, Alex Karev and Meredith Grey are considered to have more of a brother and sister relationship. For the most part, Grey’s Anatomy fans either fall on one side or the other. They either really want Alex and Meredith to get together or they think it is gross because they are like brother and sister. There really is no in between for these two Grey-Sloan Memorial doctors.

Here’s a look at how some Grey’s Anatomy fans feel about the idea of Alex and Meredith becoming a couple in Season 13.

“Merlex” is the relationship nickname Grey’s Anatomy fans have affectionately started using to refer to the potential Alex and Meredith relationship.

E! News even penned an open letter to Grey’s Anatomy asking if Meredith and Alex could get together. In the letter, E! News talked about how great the idea of Meredith and Karev getting together was and how quickly the idea started dawning on people after Derek died.

Sure, Meredith Grey has denied having any feelings for Alex. In an earlier episode of the series, her therapist asked her point-blank if she had feelings for Karev. There is also no denying the bright smile that started to grow on Grey’s face when she was talking about Alex’s messy love life with Jo.

For some Grey’s Anatomy fans, it certainly feels like there is something more to the special bond Meredith and Alex share. The only people who do not seem to realize there might be something more there is Karev and Grey themselves.

Furthermore, what about the scene where Meredith is watching Alex and Jo kiss in the backseat of her car.

Maggie asks Meredith, “What do you want?”

Don’t you think Maggie might have been hinting at the idea that there are some sparks between Meredith and Alex?

After 13 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy fans know all too well that Alex Karev doesn’t exactly have an easy go of things when it comes to relationships. In fact, he has a habit of getting into a relationship with broken and damaged women such as Ava. There was a time where Meredith described herself as “dark and twisty.” She is certainly a girl who comes equipped with her own set of baggage and never-ending problems. A girl with the kind of history and baggage that Meredith has should be perfect considering the dating history Alex Karev has had?

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What do you think about Merlex? Do you think before Season 13 comes to a close Shonda Rhimes should consider making Alex Karev and Meredith Grey a couple? How do you think the other characters on the show would handle a romantic interest between Meredith and Alex? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t forget Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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