June 27, 2017
Friends Are Concerned Scott Disick May Be Suffering From Liver Failure Due To Heavy Drinking

Every fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows that Scott Disick is a heavy drinker, but reportedly, some of his friends are deeply concerned that the reality TV star might be suffering from liver failure at just 34 years of age.

A source close to Scott Disick revealed that even though he is still relatively young, his blood pressure is pretty bad for someone his age, and they worry that his body can't continue pumping blood around it for much longer.

Scott Disick has always been a heavy drinker, and in the past, it has worried ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian. Rumors have swirled that Kourtney has even given him an ultimatum about when he can be around their three children due to his lifestyle.

The reality TV star's drinking has only gotten worse in the past couple of years, thanks to issues with his ex and their relationship drama.

Bella Thorne, who has recently been linked to Scott Disick, originally said that she was unimpressed with his drinking binges and that taking alcohol overboard wasn't really her thing. However, despite this, the pair have been seen out drinking in Los Angeles since they parted ways in Cannes and have since made up.

According to the source, Scott can drink an incredible amount of alcohol. The source stated that on a day when he is heavily drinking, he can down several bottles of champagne, a large bottle of vodka, tequila shots, and wine without sharing with another person. It is unclear if Scott Disick also drinks alone, which is a major sign of alcoholism.

Publicly, he was recently seen on a bender in Cannes during the famous film festival. While his ex, Kourtney, cavorted with her new boyfriend, Disick stayed separate from her and hooked up with as many as six different women during the festival.

The insider close to Scott Disick believes that the reality star will soon face liver disease and may even have to have a transplant in the future. If he curbs his drinking now, however, he might have a fighting chance to keep his liver intact.

[Featured Image by Timothy Hiatt/Stringer/Getty Images]