Zach Braff’s TV Comeback And ‘Scrubs’ Reunion

Zach Braff will soon be seen on a new television series that highlights various successful business launches. According to CNN, the Scrubs actor will be featuring in a conceptualized ABC drama to be based on Season 1 of StartUp, a series of narrative podcasts produced by Gimlet Media.

Gimlet Media, an idea of businessperson Alex Blumberg, is the newest entrant in the burgeoning domain of podcasting, which is the business of narrating stories that are recorded on digital media files for audiences to download onto their digital devices. The first season of StartUp tells the story of Alex Blumberg’s stressful efforts to build his podcasting business from scratch. The podcast comprises eight episodes, enabling the audience to follow Alex’s grueling journey searching for a business partner, finding willing investors, and branding his business.

Besides working on the television series, Zach Braff will also be directing the drama that reveals the ups and downs faced by Alex Blumberg when setting up his business venture. Currently, the title of the upcoming television series is not finalized, and Zach Braff’s character in the ABC drama is not known.

Of course, Zach Braff’s directorial capabilities are already well-known. Earlier, he won critical acclaim when he directed Garden State, a 2004 romantic-comedy movie that also featured veteran actor Ian Holm. Later, the Chicago Film Critics Association showed their appreciation for Zach Braff’s film direction by awarding him the Best New Director award for his fantastic directorial debut.

In addition to Alex Blumberg, Gimlet Media’s Chris Giliberti and Matt Lieber will also contribute to the show’s production.

Although often credited with being a talented actor, director, and writer, Zach Braff is widely known for playing the role of Dr. John Dorian in Scrubs, a popular medical drama television series that exposed audiences to hilarious conversations between members of the medical fraternity while performing their otherwise serious jobs. Zach Braff managed to carve a very popular niche for himself while playing Dr. Dorian, the daydreaming physician, who was entirely different from popular television doctors like Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Derek Shepherd and ER’s Dr. Doug Ross.

Unlike other television doctors, Zach Braff’s Dr. Dorian is a medical intern who learns many life lessons along the path to becoming a fully-fledged doctor. In the past, there have been other actors who played charismatic actors on our television screens and reaped the benefits of the popularity they enjoyed while playing respectable characters. For instance, the careers of George Clooney and Patrick Dempsey skyrocketed after they achieved fame playing the roles of Dr. Doug Ross and Dr. Derek Shepherd, respectively.

In much the same way, Zach Braff’s role in Scrubs helped him to progress his career, and this incredibly talented actor has built strong connections with other professionals involved in the show. In fact, Zach Braff was credited with not only playing the lead character but also directing several episodes of Scrubs.

And now, the actor is working with Matt Tarses, one of Scrubs’ executive producers, while directing the pilot episode of the upcoming ABC television drama based on Alex Blumberg’s StartUp. Matt Tarses is reportedly writing the script for the pilot episode.

Although Scrubs focused on Zach Braff’s Dr. Dorian, the show would not have enjoyed such success without the efforts of other great actors who featured in the popular medical drama: actors like Donald Faison, John McGinley, Christa Miller, and Elizabeth Banks. Zach Braff still keeps in regular contact with his Scrubs co-stars and seems to enjoy attending reunions.

It’s reported that he previously celebrated Easter with Faison, McGinley, and Miller. Now, Entertainment Weekly reports that Zach had a mini-reunion with Elizabeth Banks, the actress who played the role of Dr. Kim Briggs, Dr. Dorian’s love interest. On the show, Dr. Briggs gives birth to Dr. Dorian’s child after an amicable breakup.

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