Zayn Malik Makes The Cover Of ‘Highsnobiety,’ Says Social Media Is ‘Exhausting’

Zayn Malik belongs to the current generation of young musicians who have achieved an enormous amount of popularity thanks to social media. The “Pillowtalk” singer gained critical acclaim for his singing talent when he teamed with other participants in The X Factor to form the exciting young band known as One Direction.

It was evident that One Direction would inevitably create a massive fan following due to the popularity of the songs they sang. However, the group achieved more fame on the internet due to their over-enthusiastic fans on social media who chose to “like,” “retweet,” or “follow” news about their favorite music band.

Zayn’s popularity on social media became evident recently when his fans started speculating as to why he posted an Instagram photo without a caption. According to Teen Vogue, Zayn’s latest photo reveals that the singer has not only shaved his scruff, he’s also tousled his hair.

The “Fool For You” singer’s new look, along with his prominent cheekbones, has sparked a social media frenzy, and his fans are intrigued as to the reason behind the pop star’s new grooming style. It’s clear that social media is playing a large role in helping the singer gain publicity.

One Direction may have appreciated the promotion they enjoyed due to their online interactions with fans, but Zayn Malik has been upset a number of times. Earlier in 2012, the very popular singer disabled his social media accounts when abusive comments were posted on his social media page. Even though he eventually reactivated his account, Zayn Malik was extremely concerned that many of his online followers began posting their opinions on his professional decisions. In the singer’s opinion, fans are simply not aware of the repercussions a celebrity may face due to comments posted on public forums.

According to USA Today, Zayn Malik spoke about the risks a celebrity faces and how their image can be severely tarnished due to fans who are quick to spin rumors.

“Everyone has an opinion on social media, even though they don’t know you, and it gets exhausting. You get misquoted in the press or a rumor gets printed and it’s frustrating to watch people believe those things.”

In fact, MTV News reports that Zayn Malik had earlier expressed his dislike for social media by revealing that he does not consider himself to be a “role model” or a “celebrity.”

Often being perceived as mysterious, Zayn Malik proves to be an enigma not only because of his views on social media but also due to his abrupt exit from One Direction. Recently, Simon Cowell, the media mogul who launched One Direction, admitted to being upset with Zayn for shunning him.

However, stay tuned, because Zayn may unravel the many mysteries and riddles surrounding his questionable decisions in his upcoming autobiography. Recently, the talented singer revealed he’s working on his autobiography, titled simply Zayn, which will give a genuine account of the English popstar’s life.

Even though Zayn Malik’s decision to leave One Direction irked a number of stakeholders, a number of fans have supported his decision to gain independence by going his own way. In fact, Highsnobiety, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine, is featuring the “She Don’t Love Me” singer on its cover page because the online publication considers this young man to be a symbol of independence and multiculturalism.

The cover page of Highsnobiety’s latest edition will show Zayn Malik donning a Gucci denim jacket, with the image symbolizing a man who has established his own identity. According to Billboard, Zayn Malik’s abrupt departure from One Direction makes him an intriguing singer who has the courage to reinvent himself.

“While Malik may seem outside the scope of Highsnobiety’s usual framework, we were intrigued by his abrupt decision to quit the massively popular UK boy band One Direction and go it alone.”

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