WWE News: WWE Superstars Sasha Banks And Charlotte Expected To Take Things To The Next Level Inside Hell In A Cell

WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and WWE Superstar Charlotte are prepared to make history at WWE Hell in a Cell in a few weeks. The two will be the first women to battle inside Hell in a Cell, which puts them on hallowed ground for wrestling fans. The two are already giving us amazing performances that make us believe women’s wrestling will be equal to the men sooner rather than later.

For years, the problem with doing a Hell in a Cell match for the women was not just that WWE didn’t see the women equal to the men, but because they really had no alternative but to treat them differently. The women sucked as wrestlers, with just a few stand-outs since Trish Stratus and Lita left. WWE did a lot with those two and when they were gone, no one was left to really do anything with that could take women’s wrestling to the next level.

It was a godsend for the Four Horsewomen to arrive. WWE needed this and Charlotte, along with Sasha Banks stood out as two people who could take the WWE to the next level with their rivalry. Bayley and Becky Lynch would do similar, but it was Banks and Charlotte who were the real case for women to be used in a bigger way. The WWE Women’s Revolution was started by them, and not the Bella Twins, as WWE keeps trying to make fans believe. Without the Four Horsewomen standing out on WWE NXT, no one would call for WWE Divas to be given a chance.

Hell In a Cell 2016 poster

Due to the history being made, it is said that both girls want to impress. According to Ringside News, Sasha Banks and Charlotte are prepared to do all they can to make this match memorable. It is said that the two have planned a lot of big spots for the event, which could include some very interesting material that even the men may not want to do. The thought is that at least one major spot may be planned that we’re not expecting. Rumor had it that Charlotte asked WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about doing a moonsault off the top of the cell, which he quickly denied.

If true, that should tell you about the extremes these two are wanting to go to in order to make this a big night for women’s wrestling. The hope is that neither walk away with serious injuries. Well the hope is that they can actually walk away at all. According to The Wrestling Observer, Sasha Banks is reportedly attempting to become more resilient due to match types like this coming up, as well as her history with injuries becoming a problem for her career.

She is trying to add more muscle to her body, which she hopes will allow her to take bumps and blows a lot easier and lower her risk of injury. In comparison to Charlotte, for example, who is filled with muscle, she has been hurt several times with minor injuries, whether on NXT or the main roster, whereas Charlotte hasn’t been hurt for real since she walked into the company years ago. That said, there is something to be said about adding muscle to help.

Sasha Banks Charlotte WWE RAW

Vince McMahon once compared Sasha Banks to Daniel Bryan, in that he feels she is injury prone and that it could cost her a bright career due to much of it being spent on the bench. Unlike Bryan, Banks did arrive to WWE at a young age and clearly has a long time left. The hope is that she can spend the next number of years revolutionizing women’s wrestling and not get hurt. Vince feels that Banks only knows one speed though, and that is all out.

It is good that she puts her body on the line for what she loves, and that she is willing to do anything to give a performance of a lifetime. However, you can see the worry Vince has for Sasha, among others. He knows they’re great, but he doesn’t want them to risk too much or that could cost the WWE by losing them. The interesting thing is that the women will certainly be THE match to watch at WWE Hell in a Cell. WWE RAW GM Mick Foley originally made them the main event before retracting it shortly after, most likely due to a call from management. However, the world wants this to main event. If the girls get to do all they want, nothing can follow them anyway.

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