‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Rumors — Moniece Slaughter Boasts About Girlfriend Amid Sex Tape Scandal

It’s always good to know that people can find love in a hopeless place, and the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors suggest that embroiled star Moniece Slaughter has done just that. Even though she’s currently embroiled in a bit of a sex tape scandal with her other co-stars (whom she is suing to keep the tape from coming to light), Moniece took the time to post a loving message to, and about, her girlfriend on social media, thanking her for being a support system in the midst of all the sex tape drama.

That’s the word from the International Business Times, whose latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors state that Moniece’s girlfriend, who goes by the name Digg the Kicks, got a very heartfelt message from Moniece on Instagram.

Moniece wrote the following.

“I’ve been going through a whole lot as you all know. The devil has been busy. I’ve held tight to my loved ones. And the love and support has helped me stay focused. You guys don’t get to see the nurturing side of me that is always giving. Always taking care of the people closest to me. They know my heart. Finally God saw fit to bless me with a partner that not only acknowledges those qualities. She appreciates them. She encourages me to hold on to them. … Was on my way out the door to therapy. Lol. Mental health and emotional well being are extremely important. I was greeted by a flower delivery. Thank you squish for loving on me in spite of.”

Moniece Slaughter is the subject of the latest "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" rumors. [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]

But Moniece isn’t just using social media to speak well of people. According to the latest VH1 blog on the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors, Moniece took to Twitter to go off on Brandi and the rest of her Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood co-stars.

Her tirade read, “Each and every person sitting in that room is going to regret it. Beg for forgiveness, never! Outsmart you, always…#countdowntocourt And the powers at be who were so desperate for drama, are going to be sick by the time I’m done with them too. Built a season off my back! How stupid could you be? You were legally notified that you were assisting these folks in a crime and you forged ahead anyway! So, I don’t feel like I was compensated enough for this type of exploitation, stress, or humiliation. These folks at the tip top got me f***ed up.”

She later backtracked and posted the following message on Instagram.

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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Rumors Moniece Slaughter
Are the latest "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" rumors about Moniece Slaughter true? [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]

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